3 Essential Basement Maintenance Tips

Basement Lowering

Even if most people use their basement as a storage unit and hardly go down there, basement maintenance should be high on the house care agenda of every home owner. Your basement’s state directly impacts your foundation, so you should never take it lightly. The most common concern in this area is always keeping moisture away from it. Check out 3 essential basement maintenance tips that will help you prevent any serious problem:

Make Sure Water Flows away from Your House

Very often, the plants and landscaping around the house can cause serious problems. We all love a majestic rose bush as close to our window as possible, but this may not be very friendly with the humidity in your basement. Thus, you need to ensure that all the ground around your basement and foundation slopes away from the house.

Additionally, you can add gravel and rocks near the basement windows or walls. They absorb moisture and keep it away from infiltrating your basement.

A Dehumidifier Can Help a Lot!

Sometimes, there’s simply no way to keep water away from the basement. In these cases, you need to invest in a good dehumidifier and use it especially during rainy seasons. If you notice the problem persists, use it even more frequently.

Don’t Dry Your Laundry in the Basement

We know that drying laundry is not the most pleasant sight, but using your basement for this simply invites problems in. All the water that evaporates from the clothes will infiltrate in your basement walls. Ideally, you should dry your clothes outside. But since this is not possible throughout the year, you can also use a well-ventilated room for it or a powerful dryer that eliminates the problem altogether.

If you have your washing machine and/or other appliances in the basement, make sure they ventilate outside. All the hot air they eliminate will quickly transform into moisture that will be absorbed by the walls. You can also use a dehumidifier and water-resistant paint to prevent such problems.

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