3 Reasons why Snaking and Jetting Should Never Be Postponed

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Clogging is a problem that every homeowner faces at a certain point. Finding your toilet or sink drains clogged one sunny morning is not the best thing to wake up to. Still, if the problem doesn’t look bad enough, most homeowners choose to go about their day and deal with the clog “when they have the time”.

As plumbers how have seen a lot of clogged drains in the GTA, there’s only one advice we can give you: NEVER postpone clogging and jetting! Here’s why:

  1. A Clogged Drain Can Conceal Serious Problems

A minor clog can be easily fixed with a snake. Still, we advise you to call a professional plumber in GTA and not do it yourself. A plumber has multiple sizes of snakes in his tool box and can always use the correct one.

Snaking is pretty straightforward: you place one end of the tool in the clogged drain and, when you feel resistance, you pull it back. But only a seasoned professional can tell if there’s more than dirt clogging your drain and if other measures need to be taken right away. For instance, if the snake can’t break through the clog, you may have a tree root in there.

  1. Water Can Overflow in Your Home

If there is a more serious problem, you can end up with a burst pipe and serious damage to your property. Even if you feel like no harm can be done if you don’t use the water in that sink, plumbing has a weird way of playing tricks on you.

  1. Clogging Aggravates in Time

The accumulation of grease, food leftovers, and dirt in your pipes can only aggravate in time. If you notice that the drains aren’t working properly, don’t wait until they are completely clogged to call a professional. Hydro-jetting (using a high-pressure hose that clears the drain) is the only thing that can ensure your pipes are completely clean and will work impeccably for years to come.

Snaking and jetting are always best left in the hands of professionals if you want a future-proof job. If you find yourself in need of a professional plumber in the Greater Toronto Area, get in touch! We’d be happy to help!


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