3 Reasons Why You need to Treat Your Water

Torontonians are lucky to be in the close vicinity of a major water supply, Lake Ontario. However, the purity of the water in the area has been raising concerns since the 1800s. Granted, water safety in the GTA has had its ups and downs, but hoping for the best isn’t enough when we’re talking about your family’s health. If you want to make sure that the water you are drinking or using externally is perfectly safe, you have to treat it. Here’s why:

1.Untreated Water May Contain Led and Arsenic

Both of these substances have been linked to serious illnesses, like cancer. For children, it is all the more dangerous to drink untreated water, since the presence of led can lead to decreased cognitive development. Iron, radon and chlorine are just a few of the other substances that can harm you even when you use the water externally.

2.Water Can also Be Contaminated by Poor Quality Plumbing

Even if the water source is adequate and poses no major threats, you can still get contaminated water. If your pipes and plumbing systems are old, they can carry rust and, consequently, iron in your water. Even more, if the plumbing is of poor quality, sewage water and countless bacteria can be pouring right into your water.

3.You Can Never Be Certain

Most people have their tap water tested and, if the results are satisfactory, they consider themselves safe and continue to drink it. The truth is that the quality of water can vary from day to day, so you couldn’t possibly know when it changes and becomes unsafe for you and your family.

If you want to be absolutely sure that the water you drink poses no health threats, water treatment is your safest bet. Mt Drains & Plumbing has vast experience in water treatment in Ontario. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to make your water completely safe for you!

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