3 Tell-Tale Signs That You Need a Backwater Valve

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Ever thought of installing a backwater valve in your home? According to Aviva Canada report 2013, there were more claims resulting from floods in Toronto. In fact, insurance premiums rose from 5% to 10% in the past few years.

From that report, it’s clear that flood prevention is becoming a necessity in our life and we must do everything to keep our house and family safe.

The question is: can a backwater valve help you with that? Here are 4 signs that you need to watch out for.

You Live in a Flood-Prone Area

If you live in an area that gets lots of rainfall or flash floods, installing a backwater valve is mandatory. You cannot rely on the local drainage system to mitigate such natural calamities.

You Have a Sump Pump in Your Home

You have a house that rests below the water table and you have installed a sump pump. Great! Now you need a backwater valve to serve as backup support in case things get out of hand.

Toronto Laws and Regulations

If you live in Toronto, you may want to familiarize yourself with the regulations. There are some areas where the city gives out backwater valve rebates. You may want to visit the local clerks, fill in the paperwork and find out if you qualify for these perks.

Install a Backwater Valve and Save Money and Hassle

The loss of personal belongings and the cost of professional cleanup can’t be compared to the cost of backwater valve installation. You can contact us now to evaluate your home and assist you on the cost effective way to install and maintain the valve. We have over a decade of experience in plumbing and backwater valves installation in Toronto and GTA, so we can provide you with a future-proof solution for the safety of your home.

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