5 Wow-Inducing Christmas Decorations Ideas

Warm feet by fireplace

During the winter holidays, there is no place like home, especially if home looks like a magical place. This year, go a bit beyond the traditional Christmas tree and create some decorations that will wow adults and children alike:

1.Santa’s Home

Want to have the home that all the children in the neighborhood want to see? All you need to do is get some present boxes (as colorful as possible) and glue or tape them to the exterior of your home, starting from the highest window. It will look like Santa’s bag got spilled all over your house!

2.Get Creative with Your Wreaths

If a simple fir-tree wreath is no longer cutting it, try a one made out of wine corks – the adults will love it! For children, you can always make one out of super heroes figurines.

3.Let It Snow

Don’t wait for weather to deliver the perfect white magical Christmas – create your own in your very home! All you need are some cotton balls and fishing line. Thread the cotton balls on the fishing line and hang them from the ceiling. Get cotton balls of different sizes (in order to make the snow more realistic) and place the whole thing near a window. Just imagine how pretty it will look seen from outside!

4.Adorn Your Fireplace

Aside from the usual stockings, you can always place some fir-tree branches, a few stylish candles, even a fruit bowl. The sky is the limit here, all you need to do is get creative; after all, the fireplace is one of the first things Santa sees when he comes down the chimney, so you want it looking festive.

5.Add a Festive Frosty Touch

Get some fake fruits and embellish them with “frost” obtained from mixing three parts white glitter with one part silver glitter. Coat the fruits with the mixture and you will have the perfect centerpiece for both festive and family meals.

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