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A few Things You Need to Know about Basement Lowering

basement lowering - full basement

More and more people today resort to basement lowering in Toronto. With property prices going up each year, it’s no surprise that home owners choose basement lowering as the most affordable way to create extra space in their houses.

If you’re also considering basement lowering, take a look at the facts below so that you make an informed decision.

Basement Lowering Creates the Extra Space You Need

Whether you have new family members, want a hobby room or a new living space, basement lowering might be the most cost-effective solution for you. It simply means that you will have more headspace in your basement, which will make it feel like a regular room of the house.

Why let all that space go to waste when you could turn it into something useful or fun? A home cinema, a home gym, an extra bathroom or an office are just a few of the most common ideas.

Underpinning the Foundation Walls

This is one of the two main methods used to lower basements. In a nutshell, underpinning involves digging a series of holes under the footing of your home and filling them with concrete on multiple levels. By doing this, you extend the footing of your home and move it to a lower level.

Afterwards, you can dig-out the soil inside the basement without damaging the foundation of your home. While this process is not very cheap or very easy to do, it is very safe when it comes to structural integrity, which is something you should always consider.


Bench-footing entails maintaining a stable soil slope between the lower side of your home’s original footings and the subgrade below the (lowered) basement floor. This first step is designed to prevent undermining the footings.

Next, your contractor will pour a concrete bench reinforced with steel over the top of the soil slope, thus ensuring that the slope is protected. This is a cheaper alternative to the first method, but it comes with the disadvantage of leaving you with a concrete bench around the inside of your basement.

Choosing the Right Method

Besides the cost, you also have to carefully consider your sewage and plumbing – basement lowering shouldn’t damage them. Thus, this decision is better left to the professionals.

If you’re thinking about basement lowering in Toronto, get in touch with us! We’ve been doing this professionally for years and we have the right tools and manpower to successfully complete your project!




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Paul has more then 20 years in basement waterproofing and plumbing projects experience. Looking for an advice from an expert plumber? Make sure to read Paul's articles about residential waterproofing and plumbing projects in Toronto.

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