Backwater Valve Or Check Valve For Plumbing

Water valve
A backflow or check valve is a valve that only allows the flow of fluids in one direction. The valve closes automatically to prevent fluids from flowing in the opposite direction. This is called backflow.

Benefits Of Backflow Valve Installation

There are a number of benefit of having backflow prevention devices installed. They include:
A. Protecting water supplies from becoming polluted or contaminated.
B. Preventing back-pressure and seepage of contaminated water into potable water lines.
C. Reducing potential health risks from dirty water.
D. Protecting the water supply after pipe freezes or water main bursts.
E. Protect water quality during floods, snow melts and other natural occurrences where backflow threatens to contaminate the water system of a home or business.
Playing these important roles makes backflow prevention device installation and service essential for people throughout Toronto. A Toronto sewer backflow can threaten the safety and quality of the city’s water supply. Proactively installing a backflow valve in your commercial or residential property can protect the health of the people who frequent them. These valves play a vital role in keeping contaminated water from mixing with clean water when there is flooding, broken water main or frozen pipes.

Backflow Valve Installation And Uses

Installing a backflow valve is simple. Yet it has many important uses. Preventing water contamination from a sewer backflow is just one reason to install backflow valves in your commercial or residential structure or service or replace the ones you already have. Licensed, experienced plumbers can quickly install a backflow valve that can protect the water supply in any structure from a sewer backflow or any other threats to the integrity of the water system.
In compliance with the area’s building code, plumbers install backflow valves at the appropriate depth with the right backflow preventer box dimensions and within installation limits. They consider temperatures in the area and other factors to ensure the backflow preventer mechanism meets code and is compatible with the structure’s water source. Either a Threaded and Glued backflow valve or one with a compression fitting is used to ensure no dirty water flows back into the clean water pipes lines. The valves can also keep pests from infiltrating commercial and residential property through the sewer pipes.

How Does A Backwater Valve Work

A backflow or check valve looks like a flap or a disc. The water’s force pushes the flap against a spring which opens it and allows the water to flow in the right direction. The valve is designed to allow the flow of both liquids and solids in only one direction.  It prevents liquids and solid waste from flowing back into the pipes.
Backflow valves connected to sewer lines in homes and businesses ensure sewage only flows away from the structures, not back into them.
Even if there’s a sewer backflow, the backflow valves installed in strategic locations within the plumbing prevent contaminated fluids from entering the clean water supply pipes. These valves are used when there isn’t enough physical space or vertical clearance to install air gaps. These valves have several moving parts that must be periodically inspected and serviced. Occasionally, the city sewer or drainage system overflows. This can cause a Toronto sewer backflow. Backflow valves prevent the waste water from going into homes and businesses.

Sewer Backflow Prevention

To prevent sewer backflow, several kinds of valves are employed. They include a backwater valve, sewer backflow valve, sewere backup valve, automatic floodgate valve and mainline backwater valve. These work together to prevent water and sewage from flowing back into the sewage system of homes or businesses should there be an overload of the main sewage line. Backwater valve installation should be handled by experienced plumbers. They ensure the backwater valve, sewer backflow valve, sewere backup valve and mainline backwater valve are properly seated, sealed, functioning and in the right locations.
With proper backwater valve installation in their main sewer pipes, homes and businesses in Toronto are better protected from heavy rain, snowmelt, flooding and more. The key is to have plumbers properly install, clean and maintain the backflow prevention devices to ensure they meet regulatory requirements. That will keep unexpected and unwanted water and sewage out.
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