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Whether installing or upgrading your current water treatment system MT Drains is equipped and capable for the job. We offer UV light filter installation, chemical & iron removal, as well as water filter and water softener installation and repair services.
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Add value to your home and an open up your basement for rent with the addition of a walkout to your basement.
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Looking to reinforce or repair your foundation? Our team is insured and licensed to handle your basement underpinning job.
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Water Heaters offers home owners a way to heat water in a cost effective manner. MT Drains offers installation,  maintenance, and water heater repair services.
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In need of concrete coring or looking to lower your basement? MT Drains has the equipment and skills to handle all concrete related tasks.
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Get More Out Of Your Basement

Many homes do not make full use of their basement space which could be turned into a profit, or increase the value of your home. We can help unlock your home’s hidden potential through the basement related services we offer.
As a storage space, the basement tends to be filled with unneeded material that could be put to better use elsewhere. It may be hard to imagine another function to the space when it is used only for storage, but it could be your brand new:
  • Basement apartment
  • Home office
  • Game room
  • Den

Make Your Basement a Comfortable Space

Most likely, the existing basement set up isn’t fit for frequent usage or comfortable stays. The ceiling may be too low, need a second entrance, or require other adjustments to make it possible to renovate further. MT Drains and Plumbing are experts in underpinning, bench footing, creating new walkout entrances & basement lowering in Vaughan so that anything becomes an option.

In order to make your basement dreams a reality, we offer a variety of services: 



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Basement Lowering Services

Strengthen the foundation of an existing building so you can increase your basement ceiling’s height by digging down and lowering the floor.
Bench Footing Like underpinning. The difference is you pour a new foundation on the inside of the existing one, all the way down to the depth of the new basement floor.
Walk out Create a private entrance to the basement. This is most often used when creating a basement apartment.
Concrete We’re experts in using concrete to strengthen foundations, increase living space, or simply fixing/ replacing old and damaged floors.
The experience we have in basement lowering projects will allow us to provide you with the best possible option and service. We can help guide you through the paperwork and permits required for any of these expansion projects to ensure that no unseen complications arise.
Basement plumbing review in Barrie
Basement plumbing review in Barrie
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“Very professional, clean, It was great working with you, you did your work fast and clean, and unlike others understood the situation of little kids in this house. He did it as, quiet as possible and fast. The site was clean during work and after finished. I know for sure I will use only you for all my plumbing needs and will highly recommend you to my friends. Thank you very much.”

Why Expand Your Basement?

Many homeowners use renting a basement apartment as a way to cope with the record high real estate prices in the GTA. In order to legally rent your basement as an apartment though there are a variety of adjustments that you will need  to make to basements. Having a renter to supplement your income will more than pay for the required construction. 

Rather than looking to purchase a brand new property, it is often in your best interest to put that money towards improving your current space so that its value increases in a variety of ways. Having a properly finished basement with the construction necessary to put in an apartment helps to increase your home’s value.

Trust MT Drains Basement Lowering Contractors Vaughan

Considering the impact that this job can have when done improperly, it is necessary to work with an experienced team like MT Drains & Plumbing.

We have been in the plumbing trade since 1991. We provide basement lowering, walkout, concrete works to residential and commercial customers in the GTA and Simcoe County. You can contact our Vaughan basement lowering contractors by calling 1-833-363-7323

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