Bench Footing

Bench footing is becoming increasingly popular in GTA homes, as people want to get more from their homes. When looking to add space to a home, rather than trying to build a completing new room or location, by going down into the basement you can make use of the already existing construction done. You can save on the major costs that an addition above ground to the home would require.

Plumbing review in Vaughan
Plumbing review in Vaughan
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What is Bench Footing?

Simply put, bench footing is when you dig your basement floor lower, giving you more headroom and space. Next, a new foundation is created inside the existing one to add strength and structure through the construction of a bench like outcropping to build onto. Generally speaking, for every foot you want to add to the height of the room, you will need to add a foot to your bench footing. This is very popular in older homes and homes that may currently have of a crawl space as opposed to a proper basement. By adding height to the basement through this process, the uses available to you with the space expand greatly. 

Bench Footing in Vaughan

There are various options available to you when looking to adjust your basement, so it can be hard to know which service will be the best fit for your home.

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