Concrete Cutting And Coring

MT Drains offers two highly specialized services: cutting and coring concrete. While the need for this assistance arises infrequently, from time to time customers do require both services. Waterproofing customers and customers seeking knowledgeable foundation repair services in particular often save significant sums by requesting our assistance.

During previous eras, concrete cutting typically involved the use of a jackhammer to pound holes through concrete walls or slabs. This noisy, messy process could not assure precise cutting dimensions. It frequently entailed risks of damage due to the inexactness of the cutting. Today, the technology utilized during concrete cutting and coring involves considerable precision.

Basement Renovation review in Barrie
Basement Renovation review in Barrie
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Concrete Cutting And Concrete Coring Vaughan

Our concrete coring company employs diamond-enhanced, strong cutting blades. We slice into concrete surfaces along desired lines, circumferences, and angles. The blades grow very hot during use, so we use cooling water to prevent damage to the cutting surface and to help control concrete dust.

Just consider a few of the most important differences between concrete cutting and concrete coring:

Concrete Cutting: A skilled technician using a diamond-bladed saw cuts precisely through concrete walls, slabs, or other surfaces. This service requires the transportation of specialized equipment to the work site. Operators receive extensive training in order to perform this type of construction.

Concrete Coring: This service, widely used during waterproofing, supplies a special type of concrete cutting: creating circular passages or ducts through concrete. Although we can offer cores with larger diameters, more commonly customers request 5″ or 6″ diameters. The removal of a concrete core allows plumbers, HVAC service technicians, and electricians to pass pipes, ventilation ducts, or wiring through concrete walls. They may also insert some materials more securely into concrete slabs.

While typically more expensive than other types of concrete work, concrete cutting and coring offers valuable assistance to builders and homeowners. In certain settings, it proves essential, in fact. Just consider a few of the most popular uses for concrete cutting and coring services:

  • Creating a location for an inset sump pump;
  • Providing ducts to permit the extension of plumbing fixtures into a new building addition’s slab;
  • Facilitating foundation repair services;
  • Obtaining samples for structural engineering reports;
  • Creating apertures for cable or fibre optic wiring;
  • Furnishing access to infrastructure beneath a slab;
  • Removing concrete walls or slabs;
  • Enlarging some entrances or windows through concrete walls, and More!

Our Services

We serve homeowners and businesses across the Greater Vaughan Area. Our concrete cutting and coring services offer utility (and potentially, cost savings) in a variety of settings. Consider requesting us in any situation in which customers would search online for “concrete coring Vaughan services.”

Our Services

As a firm with extensive waterproofing experience, we offer a valuable resource for individuals or businesses seeking this specialized type of construction service. Cutting accurately through concrete, stone, asphalt, ceramic tile, or other hard surfaces requires care and the use of special purpose cutting tools. We excel in this field! We welcome the opportunity to serve customers seeking assistance in cutting or coring concrete. 

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