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Do You Need to Internally Waterproof Your House?

Canadian weather is harsh; we all know that. It is hard for our bodies and it is also hard for our homes. Most people get so wrapped up in themselves that they forget the damage that can happen to their house. Water damage from flooding, leaking and even just from dampness can cause serious problems for the homeowner – and serious problems mean serious bills. You might have adequate exterior waterproofing, adequate drainage, even a sump pump, but is all this enough? We say “no” – internal waterproofing is also a must and here’s why:

Why Waterproof?

Think about this. You come home after being away for the weekend. You have relaxed and unwound – and you are greeted by the sound of water running in the house. You realize that you forgot to turn the water supply off. Your basement is flooded.
Having a house flood is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. The damage can take weeks, if not months, to deal with and you may have lost things that cannot be replaced, things of sentimental value. Insurance companies might send out a surveyor and you will be required to take time off work to be home for much of this.

What is Internal Waterproofing?

Internal waterproofing is the simple act of ensuring that your house stays dry from the inside. Basements and foundations are the most important areas to focus on. There is an abundance of techniques used for waterproofing – each house requires something different. You might need some high-pressure epoxy sealant to fill in cracks, or maybe just some layers of waterproof paint. Getting the job done by a professional is the key to long-lasting waterproofing success.

Do I need Internal Waterproofing?

Flooding can be avoided. Internally waterproofing your house will prevent these accidents from occurring. No matter how good (or bad) the plumbing in your house may be, nothing lasts forever. Internally waterproofing your home is an investment for now and for the future – you don’t want your lovely home turned into a fishbowl, do you? It is a small investment when you consider the implications. Keeping your house dry on the inside is certainly worth the cost.
Ready to make sure your home and your belongings are safe? Get in touch and let’s waterproof your home!

Paul S

Paul has more then 20 years in basement waterproofing and plumbing projects experience. Looking for an advice from an expert plumber? Make sure to read Paul's articles about residential waterproofing and plumbing projects in Toronto.

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