How Long Has it Been since Your last Drain Cleaning

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Now that spring is almost over, I’m sure you already organized your closets, gave your home a good scrub-down and prepared your backyard for summer.

But what about drain cleaning?

I know, it’s not a glamorous activity. But, if left unattended, it can end up much messier and costlier than an unorganized closet.

Why Do You Need to Do Regular Drain Cleanings?

Here’s the short answer: what goes down can also come back up.

Ugh, I know!

You probably use a store-bought cleaning product when your bathtub or sink are backing up or won’t drain and think you’ve got it handled. But that’s no more effective than putting a band-aid on an infected wound.

There are various reasons why your drains can end up clogged:

  • Kitchen sinks typically clog because of pieces of food and oil.
  • Bathtubs and shower drains clog because of fallen hair, soap scum or bath foam.
  • Toilets typically clog because of too much toilet paper or foreign objects that you flushed down unknowingly – a kid’s missing Lego block or your earring.

When too much dirt accumulates, it could affect the water pressure of your entire plumbing system. And that’s something you simply can’t solve with a store-bought drain cleaning solution.

If you leave such seemingly small problems unattended for too long, you can end up with burst pipes that generate not only discomfort, but also huge bills. In order to avoid such mishaps, we recommend professional drain cleaning to be done regularly.

A professional drain cleaner knows exactly what tools and solutions to use for each type of drain or pipe. Better yet, they can identify disasters waiting to happen just in time to save you the hassle and the money.

If you’re looking for professional drain cleaning services in Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto (Etobicoke), Scarborough, or North York, get in touch with us. We have tens of years of experience in the field and we can provide you with a fast and fair priced intervention!



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