How to Choose the Right Insulation Contractor

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The insulation of your home is very important in both summer and winter. Aside from providing you and your family with thermal comfort, it can also be a great selling point – if your insulation is done properly and is future-proof. With the myriad of materials and installation types you can choose from, having the right insulation contractor to help you make your decisions and complete the project successfully is crucial. Here’s how to make sure you hire the right team for the job:

  1. Check the Insulation Contractor’s Papers

Using a “friend of a friend” might be the cheapest alternative, but it’s certainly not the best for long-term investments. You want to go with an established company that you can hold liable in case something goes wrong.

A good insulation contractor will have been in business for several years and is bonded and insured. Even more, such a company should be able to provide a warranty on their work. Make sure you can check their insurance papers before making the hire.

  1. Price Isn’t Everything

We all love a good deal, but you should always steer clear of getting the absolute cheapest price. It typically means the company is using unskilled laborers or poor quality materials.

  1. Check their References

Go beyond the testimonials on their website and ask for phone numbers that you can call to get references. Websites like Yelp are also a great place to start your research.

  1. Get Everything in Writing

From the materials used to the completion time and number of workers dedicated to your project, everything should be accounted for in a written contract. You should also specify penalties in case the insulation contractor doesn’t complete the job to your satisfaction.

  1. Make Sure there Is an On-Site Specialist

Even contractors who have been in business for years can send unskilled workers and rookies in the field. If you want a job properly done, make sure there is at least one seasoned specialist on-site every day.

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