How to Make Sure Your Home Is not Leaking Heat

House covered by snow

During winter, energy bills are one of the top concerns for every home owner. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer through uncomfortably low temperatures just to keep your costs under control. Most people end up paying too much simply because their homes are not energy-efficient and they are literally leaking heat. Here are a few tips to help you make sure that your house isn’t doing that:

Check out Your Weatherstripping

Did you know that weatherstripping is the first thing to decay on your doors and windows? This is only natural since it’s made of plastic. In order to save up to 12% on your heating bill, make sure that the weatherstripping around all your doors and windows is in good condition; if it’s not, replace the faulty ones.

Adjust the Thresholds of Your Doors

This is especially important for your entrance door and any other door that might be communicating with the exterior: if you can see sunlight under it, then it’s time to adjust your threshold.

Check Your Electrical Boxes

Very few contractors bother to add insulation to the electrical boxes on your exterior walls, not to mention the sockets inside. However, these are notorious places that leak heat and allow cold air to enter the home, so make sure to check and insulate them properly if needed.

Make Sure Hot Air Isn’t Escaping through Your Chimney

Fireplaces are a great, romantic and cozy way to keep warm but, unfortunately, the chimneys are also well-known for leaking warmth. There is a very easy way to fix this, though: just get an inflatable chimney balloon – it’s relatively cheap and you can install it yourself.

Check the Insulation of Your Attic Door

Attics are notoriously drafty and, even in the well-insulated ones, the access door can be overlooked. Even more, if you’re not heating your attic (and why should you?), this is still a way for you to leak heat, no matter how well insulated it is. In order to keep your costs under control, make sure the access door is properly sealed.

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