How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

With winter almost forgotten and spring halfway gone, it’s time to make sure you make the most of summer. The few months a year with long days, short nights and nice temperatures are upon us. Nature has changed the way the outdoors looks and feels. It is your job now to ensure that the indoors looks and feels like summer, too! And you shouldn’t wait until the weather gets hot to do so.

Here’s what you should get started on right now:

Bring Summer Inside

Clean the winter stains away from your windows until they sparkle. Remove the dark, heavy curtains you had up and replace them with light ones. Small things like these can make all the difference.

Prepare to Party

We all have different definitions of partying, but we can all agree summer is the best season for it. Whether you are inviting a few neighbors over or half of the city, make sure that your house is prepared. Get your blender out and prepare some cocktail recipes (you can even spend a weekend testing them before!) Clean out your freezer to make room for ice and ice cream.

Increase the Air Flow

You have spent all winter (and probably most of spring) trying to keep the cold air out. Now that the weather has turned, don’t let your winter habits mean your house gets stuffy. Open up your windows and patio doors. The more summery air the flow through your house, the better you will feel.

Don’t Forget the Garden

Remember that nice decking you had put in a couple of years back? Well, now is the time to use it. Sand it down and give it a lick of paint if needed, make sure it is looking good for the summer. All you need now is to make sure the barbeque is in order. So long as you prepared that blender and stocked up on ice you are good to go!

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