Frozen Pipe Thawing

Those living in the Greater Vaughan Area know that winter presents plumbing challenges for businesses and homeowners. The cold weather can force people to adjust to an affected water flow. The strain that the cold weather places on your pipes must be managed very carefully otherwise cracks or breaks may occur.

Even well-protected pipes can end up freezing during cold weather, especially if the system isn’t used while the weather initially plunges. It is important to let any pipes that you are concerned about run for some time so that water is not given a chance to stagnate and freeze, particularly externally exposed pipes.

Thawing frozen pipes properly is key to maintaining the entire system during winter. Often the methods used by homeowners to try and thaw their pipes is incorrect. These can be dangerous to yourself and others within your home, and it can damage the pipes leading to other major impacts on your plumbing system. Home remedies including torches and other fire sources are not to be used when addressing these issues.

When attempting frozen pipe thawing, it’s best to call on plumbing experts who are experienced in dealing with the changing weather that the Greater Vaughan Area experiences. This way, instead of creating a huge problem attempting to melt ice on your own, experts ensure that your system is repaired properly.

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