Faucet Installation, Repairs & Replacement

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Faucet Installation, Repairs & Replacement

Faucet Installation, Repairs & Replacement

The water faucets of your business and home, installed and maintained correctly, help to ensure that your plumbing system operates efficiently. Over time, leaky faucets can end up wasting large amounts of water for no reason. Also, if faucets don’t work correctly, it may become difficult for you, your family or your customers to set the right water pressure and temperature.Considering that your faucets are responsible for controlling the flow of water throughout your entire system, it’s vital to make sure that all of these handles are up to spec, especially when you’re running a business or flipping a house. There are plenty of plumbers across the Greater Toronto Area, which can make it difficult to select the right person for the job. Instead of taking a chance with an amateur, seek help from an experienced professional with experience working on a wide range of residential and commercial properties.

I had a problem in my bathroom, constantly leaking shower faucet. Called MT Drains & Plumbing, was advised that the problem is in the cartridge that has to be replaced. I got the quote over the phone, agreed on the price. Pavel came on time as he advised. Fixed the problem in no time. I will highly recommend that company to friends and family. The job was done quickly and really clean.

10/10, Toronto Plumbing Review

Mixing Valve Installation & Replacement

Mixing valves are a vital part of any plumbing installation, ensuring that the safe use of heated water takes place. An expert installation ensures that the valve performs as it needs to, safely combining hot and cold water to create a constant temperature that can be relied upon. Storing the water at an appropriate temperature through this system also helps prevent the breeding of Legionella and other types of waterborne illness.Since the proper installation of a mixing valve maintains water temperatures, this part of your bathroom or kitchen plumbing needs to be addressed by an expert to ensure that water doesn’t accidentally scald. On the other hand, a malfunctioning mixing valve could create water temperatures that are insufficient to guarantee clean water. An experienced plumbing team will know how to set the valve to required temperatures.

Shower Installation, Repairs & Replacement

The shower is where many people go to cleanse themselves and enjoy a moment of relaxation, making it one of the most enjoyed rooms of the home. Sports and gym facilities require showers to provide visitors with an efficient place to wash after heated activities. In addition to installing the appropriate shower heads, it’s vital to ensure that other parts of the fixtures, such as faucets, knobs, cartridges and pipes, are operating without leaks.The Installation of fixtures and adjustment of shower plumbing pipes and water feeds require an experienced hand to avoid mistakes that could leak and create unnecessary moisture. In addition to wasting money on inflated water bills, a leaky shower could create conditions that allow for mold to manifest around the entire washroom. Selecting an experienced plumbing, fixture and drainage team to install, fix or inspect your shower will help to make sure that you don’t end up dealing with costs associated with damage caused by this frequently-used home and business installation.

Toilet Installation, Repair & Replacement

Often a part of a residential or commercial project that’s considered last, properly installed and maintained toilets ensure that visitors and guests have a clean, comfortable place to take care of business. In addition to leaving a good impression, any fixture that uses water should be in good repair to avoid wasting water, which can add up very quickly to increased utility bills or a big mess. Protecting your property from water damage due to washroom accidents help to ensure that you’re not stuck with a huge cleanup bill.Choose a reputable plumbing expert with plenty of experience can ensure that your washrooms remain a pristine place for people to visit.

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