Pipe Thawing

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Pipe Thawing

The Greater Toronto Area knows that winter presents plumbing challenges for businesses and homeowners, who have to adjust to cold weather that affects the way that water flows.

Even well-protected pipes can end up freezing during cold weather, especially if the system isn’t used while the mercury plunges.

Thawing these pipes properly is key to maintaining the entire system during winter, should they freeze.

Any time cold weather hits and pipe fixtures freeze, some well-meaning home and business owners attempt to melt frozen systems by using inappropriate and even dangerous methods, including blow torches and other sources of fire.

This can lead to pipes breaking, fires ignited and other unfortunate plumbing accidents.

When your pipes have become frozen, it’s best to call on plumbing experts who are experienced in dealing with the changing weather that the Greater Toronto Area experiences.

This way, instead of creating a huge problem attempting to melt ice on your own, experts ensure that your system is repaired properly.

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