Basement Foundation Crack Repair

Is that crack in your basement floor or foundation dangerous? That simple question can cost thousands and thousands of dollars if you don’t answer it right away.

Some cracks in your basement are completely harmless. Others are a sign of a much bigger problem.

The cracks in your basement may be caused by:

  • Drying or thermal shrinkage
  • Weight/Loads
  • Settlement or the cement not being able to settle
  • The steel rebar corroding and expanding inside of the concrete

If it’s a small crack (around 5 feet in length) we would simply patch it. If it’s something more, or in a newer home, we would likely patch down to the footing.

It’s always best to have a trained professional inspect any and all worrisome cracks, so you can address the issue, or get the peace-of-mind of knowing it’s nothing serious.

“We had leaks in basement and drains backing up. Pavel from MT Drains came immediately to fix the problem… Pavel was very accommodating and made sure our business was not interrupted.

Thank you for all your excellent work!”

— 10/10 Waterproofing review in Richmond Hill

Address Cracks Before They Become a Bigger Problem

People have been trusting us with their waterproofing projects since 1991. MT Drains & Plumbing is well known for bringing together experienced and reliable professionals. We provide crack repair and waterproofing services to residential and commercial customers in the GTA and Simcoe County.

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