The Handiest Solutions to Leaky Basements

Basement Underpinning in Toronto, ON

As professional plumbers, we’ve seen more leaky basements in Toronto and the GTA than we can count. And, while their owners are typically panicked when they first notice a damp basement, the solution may be handier than you think.

How to Keep Your Basement Dry

There are countless ways for water to make its way into your house and cause a leaky basement. If you want to solve that problem, you must first determine its origin – find out the source of the leak.

Start by sealing off the windows to your basement to make sure that no cracks or holes allow the water to come in. If there are a lot of holes or if you encounter rotten wood, you may want to change the whole frame.

Next, use sealant to patch all the cracks in your basement’s walls. Check for cracks in your basement floor, too – they may cause water seepage. If the floor or foundation are severely damaged, you will need to speak to a professional contractor to get the damage repaired.

If everything in your basement looks good, move to the exterior of your home. Clean your gutters – the debris stuck in them could lead to steering the water in the wrong direction. Also, examine your downspouts thoroughly and make sure they point away from the foundation.


These are the most common causes of leaky basement. If you checked everything and fixed all the cracks, but the basement is still leaky, it is time to call in the professionals. At Mt Drains and Plumbing we have helped countless Toronto home owners fix leaky basements and make sure that their home will be safe and dry for years to come.

Whether it’s a thorough inspection or a new sump pump installation, we can help you with fast, reliable and professional services for leaky basements in Toronto. Get in touch!




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