Toronto Basement Waterproofing Subsidy Program

Toronto Waterproofing subsidy program is a great initiative by the city to protects its homes from avoidable water damages. We are licensed and insured by the City of Toronto to perform basement waterproofing services. We will guide you step by step on how to claim your subsidy payment from the city once the waterproofing project is complete.

MT Drains Subsidy Program in Toronto

Even though there are annual improvements made to the intricate system of underground pipes, catch basins and sewers, these improvements on their own are incapable of completely protecting a house from basement flooding. Owing to an increase in extreme and frequent weather events resulting from climatic change, it is critical residents in Toronto take the necessary steps to minimize the possibility of basement flooding on their private property.

Waterproofing Toronto has been on the rise after the city announced that it will subsidize homeowners’ basement against flood-proofing. The subsidies cover around 80% of the total installation costs of 3 particular flood prevention tools, which include:

Backwater valve – A device that prevents sewage from accumulating into a house, and is subsidized to around $1,250 maximum. A building permit will be needed to install a backwater valve, and it must pass an examination by a certified building inspector as sent by the city, for you to be able to qualify for the subsidy.
Sump pump – A device that moves water far away from the house. It is subsidized to around $1,750.
Capping, pipe severance, and foundation drain – This involves disconnecting your property’s weeping tile drainage pipe from the main city’s sewer system, and then sealing the opening. It is subsidized to around $400, which is 80% of the total invoiced cost and includes eligible materials, taxes as well as labour.

All in all, if you are a homeowner participating in waterproofing Toronto, you will receive a total of around $1,700. Make sure to maintain the basement flooding prevention devices as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Maintaining the functional integrity of these devices is critical when it comes to safeguarding your property against basement flooding.
Applicable Terms and Conditions for Subsidy Application


  • You must be registered as the owner of a duplex, single-family home or triple property in Toronto.
  • Your property must not have superseded the lifetime maximum amount of subsidy for every eligible installation.
  • Your property should be an existing one, not something that is under construction or in its planning stages.
  • Your property’s downspouts must be disconnected from the main city’s sewer system or you must have requested the city for an exemption.
  • Your application must be sent within one year after completion of the installation of the flood prevention device.
  • All paved areas of the front yard, including parking pads, must be compliant with the City’s Zoning By-law Requirements.
  • Your contractor or sub-contractor who carried out the installation of the devices must have a valid license given by the city for the work, during the installation time.

If you are thinking about applying for a basement flooding protection subsidy program but don’t know where to get started, we can guide you throughout the process seamlessly and quickly.

We are licensed by the city of Toronto to carry out the installation of waterproofing prevention equipment such as sump pump and backwater valve, and we can also provide you assistance when it comes to filling out forms and then submitting them to the right authorities in order to receive the subsidy.

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