Trenchless Drain Replacement – No Digging Required

Trenchless technology is a cleaner, faster, less expensive, and better way to upgrade your main water line plumbing.
It’s quickly becoming the go-to choice for Vaughan and the GTA’s homes because of it:

  • Is environmentally-friendly
  • Requires less manual labor
  • Takes less time to perform installations
  • Lasts longer, using more durable materials (seamless polyethylene piping)
  • Increases your flow capacity

We are the area’s trenchless experts. Upgrading your home’s drainage system may seem like a huge job, but we can show you how simple it can be. Our friendly and certified crew are ready to help you.

Scenarios Where Trenchless Sewer Replacement is Required

Over time, it’s likely that you’re going to face issues with either your sewage or water lines that require sewer repair.

Sewer lines can end up becoming clogged or broken from all kinds of things, but a common cause of them breaking is tree roots becoming overgrown and intruding.

By having your sewer lines installed away from trees, you can avoid their roots causing you plumbing problems. For this same reason it is important to remove nearby tree stumps or avoid these locations since the trees can shift the soil impacting any nearby pipes. As well, cold winters can cause pipes to freeze or burst resulting in backups or major plumbing problems. 

In situations like this, our sewer line repair Vaughan team can figure out the cause and use our trenchless technology to address it.

Trenchless Digging – Gets the Job Done Quicker

Being trenchless makes our sewer repair system minimally invasive and helps make sure your home and yard are not torn up or under construction for an extended period of time. We have infrared camera technology that can navigate through your sewer lines to discover the source of the problem and determine what to do next. If there’s merely a blockage in the lines and trenchless sewer replacement is not needed, we can usually remove the clog through flushing methods or a drain snake. But if there has been significant damage to the lines or they have aged and become defective, we can replace them in just one day or less.

Torpedo Piercing Tools

Trenchless sewer replacement is done through a variety of methods, but one of our most reliable ways of doing it is with our torpedo piercing tools that go through the ground horizontally with minimal mess. While there will still need to be a few small holes so we can place and later remove the torpedo from the broken sewer line after the new one goes through, we’ll strategically place them where they’ll stay inconspicuous. The torpedo uses air pressure and a steel pointed head that allows for trenchless digging and driving it through its underground trajectory while doing sewer line repair by dragging a new one behind it. 

Trenchless sewer replacement using torpedo piercing tools is newer technology, but unlike legacy sewer repairs it actually is less expensive. The experience we have with this process allows us to create lower costs and get the work done quicker. Our trenchless digging is much safer both to pedestrians going about their business and to the surrounding environment. Even if you’re worried about the placement of your home  and other obstacles, we can find ways to work around them using this technology.

Is Trenchless sewer replacement an option for you?

We’ve been doing plumbing and pipe repair services in the greater Vaughan area for years now, and our technicians are fully certified to do trenchless sewer replacement. We’ll come to your home and give you an initial quote on what the repair work will cost, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. But you should never let a sewer line problem go unaddressed when you notice it, so when you do, give our sewer line repair Vaughan team a call.

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