What Is a Drain Camera Inspection and when Does Your Property Need One?

What Is a Drain Camera Inspection and when Does Your Property Need One

When it comes to plumbing issues, experienced Toronto plumbers know that most property owners wait until it’s too late to look into a small problem. They wait until the problem gets bigger, harder to deal with and obviously more expensive.

It’s somewhat understandable. Sewer or drain problems are complicated to pinpoint and typically need a few dig points before you can truly identify where the problem stems for.

Who has time to deal with that?

Enter camera drain inspection.

What Is a Camera Drain Inspection Toronto?

As the name suggests, this process entails the use of a video camera to identify a problem in your sewer or drain. This is the ideal method to eliminate guesswork and digging unnecessary and costly holes.

A camera drain inspection is typically performed by an experienced plumber who extends a line through the pipes leading down from your faucets and bathtubs to your house’s sewers. There is a camera at the end of the line that allows the plumber to see your entire system in great detail and in real time.

When Do You Need a Drain Camera Inspection Toronto?

Such an inspection is usually done at the recommendation of a professional plumber. If you have a problem that cannot be diagnosed using other means, a drain camera inspection can save you from having to dig all around your sewers and drains looking for the leak.

If you plan to remodel your bathroom or kitchen or add a new bathroom to your home, a camera drain inspection is a great preemptive measure. This way, you can be sure that your plumbing system can take the additional waste the new bathroom is going to generate.

Need a camera drain inspection done by a professional in greater Toronto area? We’d be happy to assist! We have years of experience in diagnosing problems and preventing them from growing bigger. Let us save you some money and some hassle.

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