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Why Drain Repairs Should Never Be Postponed

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It’s been a while since we started handling drain repairs in Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, Scarborough, and North York for both residential and commercial clients. During all these years, we noticed a common problem: people start worrying about their drains only when a real problem has occurred.

Can You Postpone Drain Repairs?

Well, everything can be postponed. But this doesn’t mean you should. If you notice that your sink, shower or bath tub drain is a little slow, you don’t need to rush to the phone and call your Toronto plumber. However, you should keep an eye on it in the next few days.

Drain problems rarely go away on their own. Quite the contrary. The dirt tends to accumulate and make the problem more serious. In time, you can end up not being able to use your sink or shower.

What’s the Worst that could Happen?

Aside from not being able to use your sink, you will also end up paying a steeper fee. The harder to solve your drain problem is, the more costly the intervention.

Granted, you can also try to fix this on your own. But, if you’re not a great handyman, it’s a job better left to professionals. You could use strong substances or sharp instruments that perforate the pipes and turn a problem into a disaster.

Not all drain problems are made equal. Sometimes, the issues doesn’t stem from a minor clogging – damaged or collapsed drains don’t work properly and, worse, they run the risk of leaking sewage or water into your home. If this happens, only a professional can locate the problem and fix it.


Need a drains inspection or a drain repair? Mt Drains and Plumbing has been serving clients in Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, Scarborough, and North York for years now and it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all. Get in touch for a speedy and fairly-priced drain repair.


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