Backwater Valve Installation & Replacement

During heavy rains it is possible for sewers to get backed up with water and, without a backwater valve installation, your basement or home may experience flooding. By having a backflow valve in your home, you can avoid greater expenses later for repairs.

By using our flood protection services, you can avoid having to deal with basement flooding, raw sewage leaks, and sewer backups. Those in the city of Vaughan will be able to subsidize the installation of a backwater valve or other flood prevention projects. For more information feel free to look at: Vaughan Flooding Subsidy Program

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3 Benefits of Backwater Valve Installation in Vaughan, ON

1. Prevents Basement Flooding

Every time there’s a sudden downpour in Vaughan, your home faces the risk of experiencing sewer flooding. This happens because the rain overloads the main sewer system and leads to sewer backflow in many Vaughan homes. Installing a backwater valve stops the sewer water from moving backward and re-entering your home.

2. Save On Repair Costs

Without a proper backwater valve being installed your basement can receive major damages from water or sewage finding its way into your home. It could result in damages to your walls, floors, electronics, and valuables kept in the basement.

3. Insurance Discount

Vaughan backwater valve installation can help get you a discount on your home insurance premiums. This is because the backflow valve reassures the insurer that you have taken adequate measures to protect your home from sewer backflow. In addition, remember to tell your insurer the areas where you installed the backwater valve since the information will be used to calculate your premium discount.

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Backwater Valve Installation And Uses

Backwater valve installation in Vaughan can be easy if done correctly. First, the plumber must inspect your waste pipes to determine the most appropriate location for the valve installation to occur. Depending on where your home is located, installing a backwater valve may require a permit.
Remember, backwater valves are installed in different areas of your home’s piping system, including the basement and other low-level rooms, to prevent wastewater from flowing back into the house. Whether in your current home, or one under construction, we can assist you with your backwater valve installation. 

How A Backwater Valve Works?

In case the main sewer line becomes overloaded, the backwater valve prevents the waste from flowing back into your home through the pipes they leave from.
Within the backwater valve, there’re two tiny flaps that open so wastewater flows out of your home and helps to vent sewer gas out of the house. Attached to the two flaps of the backwater valve are small floating devices that close the folds when the system detects any sewer backflow. Once the backflow stops, gravity forces the waste to return back into the sewer rather than entering your home.

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