Vaughan Basement Crack Repair & Foundation Repair

Is that crack in your basement floor or foundation dangerous? That simple question can cost thousands and thousands of dollars if you don’t answer it right away.

Some cracks in your basement are completely harmless. Others are a sign of a much bigger problem. The cracks in your basement may be caused by:

  • Drying or thermal shrinkage
  • Weight/Loads
  • Settlement or the cement not being able to settle
  • The steel rebar corroding and expanding inside of the concrete

If it’s a small crack (around 5 feet in length) we would simply patch it. If it’s something more, or in a newer home, we would likely patch down to the footing.

It’s always best to have a trained professional inspect any and all worrisome cracks, so you can address the issue, or get the peace-of-mind of knowing it’s nothing serious.

Basement Leak Repair Vaughan, ON

If you own a home, then you know that there are numerous repairs and maintenance tasks that you need to stay up to date with. There are some things that, if you let them go, they will become more of a bother in the long run.  Your foundation is one of those areas that is exceedingly important to check regularly so that you can fix problems when they are small rather than letting them become worse and more expensive. If you want to safeguard your foundation against these costly bills, you should have it checked and repaired regularly.

Why Check for Foundation Cracks?

If there is a foundation crack repair that needs to be made, foundation crack detection is one of the most important things that you can do. Without foundation crack detection, it’s possible that a small basement cement crack could go for years without being noticed. When a foundation crack repair is never done, it can get bigger and lead to foundation failure.

What Happens When a Basement Cement Crack Isn't Fixed?

When a basement cement crack isn’t fixed, it can get bigger. A foundation crack repair should be done as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the structure. It’s possible to get water inside the building when it rains, there is melting snow, or there is some other source of water. This water can leak inside the home and cause damage to drywall, wood, and other materials on the house. And when paper products get wet, they can grow mold. Wood can warp, leading to even more structural damages.

Are All Cracks Cause for Concern?

The short answer is that concern isn’t always warranted. Some small cracks are perfectly normal, and they can even occur on buildings that are only a couple of years old. Other cracks can lead to serious problems. For instance, many cracks that are smaller than the width of a dime might not be cause for concern at all. Buildings naturally settle, so a small crack might not necessarily turn into a larger crack. But there could be cause for concern if the crack is bigger than the width of a dime or if it has certain characteristics.

What Certain Types of Cracks Might Mean

Some cracks could indicate certain types of problems. For instance, a step crack on a cinder block or brick wall could mean that water will leak into your house. A step crack is a crack in the cement between the bricks. Another type of potential problem is a long, horizontal foundation crack, which can be a sign of serious problems with the foundation. It’s one of the biggest reasons that foundations leak, and it’s one of the reasons that foundations can buckle. Vertical cracks can mean that the footings on the foundation are broken. If the footings are broken, then a very specific foundation crack repair must be made. This will involve digging down to the footings to find the foundation crack.

In Need of Foundation Repair in Vaughan?

Did you find a troublesome crack in your basement wall? Vaughan foundation crack repair can be extensive, but like most things, the sooner you get it fixed, the fewer problems that you will likely have. If the need for a foundation crack repair is ignored, then more damage can occur that will lead to greater expenses in the future. To head off the likelihood of this happening, make sure that you are have any unusual or large foundation cracks checked by a professional.

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“We had leaks in basement and drains backing up. Pavel from MT Drains came immediately to fix the problem... Pavel was very accommodating and made sure our business was not interrupted. Thank you for all your excellent work!”

Address Cracks Before They Become a Bigger Problem

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