Window Well Installation

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Window Well Installation

Not installing a small thing like window wells can lead to a big expense later.

If your windows aren’t draining properly, the water can flow right into your basement between the window frame and the top of your wall, or it can leak through the window itself. One bad rainstorm can lead to enough water to cost you thousands of dollars in damage.

Window wells are a simple fix, but need to be installed by an expert. Failure to install them correctly can do more harm than good and send rain water directly down your wall into the basement. With so much at stake, this is usually not a do-it-yourself job, and you should trust trained professionals.

Window drainage problems can cause:

  • Water leaking directly into  your basement from the window
  • Sediment contamination of the gravel in a window well
  • Damage to walls, wall studs and drywall


Protecting Basement Window Frames From Leaks

When the surrounding ground becomes saturated with water, additional rain and melted runoff collects around the exterior of low-lying basement windows. Window well installation plays a vital part in protecting the integrity of basement window frames. Your home’s specific location and floor plan impacts this result.

Today for example, architects frequently design basements to include windows in order to optimize natural light in the lowest level of the residence. Even if you own an unfinished basement, windows in these locations offer significant advantages. Yet the absence of a window well may facilitate the intrusion of water through leaking ground-level window frames, especially after heavy downpours.

Basement Windows Water Drainage

Rain splattering against basement windows unprotected by a well typically collects in pools beside the window frame. This process will eventually produce deterioration. Wooden window frames may warp, or begin rotting. Wells help promote better water drainage.

Benefits of Installing a Windows Well

Customers sometimes wonder why the addition of window wells to homes in the Greater Toronto Area matters so much? This type of home improvement has gained popularity during recent years for several important reasons. Professionally installed window wells offer homeowners at least three key advantages:

1. Waterproofing Value: As discussed previously, obtaining accurate window well installation through the assistance of an experienced waterproofing company helps some property owners avoid costly damage to the premises. Accurate window well installation helps prevent water damage to the exterior of the residence, while also preventing some seepage inside basements and foundations. This innovation makes a huge difference in the long term satisfaction of a property owner with the residence!

2. Basic Fire Safety Assistance: If you do own a residence with basement-level windows, the easiest, safest route out of the home for people using the basement during a fire may lie in evacuating through a basement window. Carefully installed window wells may supply a way for residents to exit through the window and then climb to safety. A basement windows well should ideally facilitate (and not hinder) this process. Today, many manufacturers have designed attractive basement windows well coverings which will slip over the well to prevent slip-and-fall accidents in the yard. However, these coverings must also allow someone escaping from the premises during an emergency to remove them from within the well to gain access to the exterior of the home.

3. Enhanced Marketability: In some cases, home owners remodel unfinished basements. They may create additional living or work spaces downstairs. (The presence of one or more separate basement exterior entrances typically proves critical in this determination, of course.) If someone does make the significant investment required to finish an unfinished basement and install basement entrances, it might prove important for economic reasons to increase the number of conforming bedrooms in the residence. This effort ultimately promotes the marketability of the property. Depending upon the floor plan, the window well installation performed during this type of home remodeling project often impacts whether or not residential properties obtain “conforming” building code designations for any below ground level bedrooms!

Consider Your Home’s Basement Window Well Specifications

Creating waterproof, fire safe, attractive window wells enhances residential property. Completing this specialized project generally surpasses the capabilities of amateurs. For this reason, savvy investors in the Greater Toronto Area seek window well installation from MT Drains & Plumbing. Our team considers all these important aspects of a window well to ensure our customers receive solid value.

We’ll work with you closely to furnish the best window well installation for your unique property. Today the variety of different floor plans and available home building materials makes the field of window well waterproofing complex indeed. By taking precautions to ensure you’ve selected the best basement windows well installation technologies to maintain your residence in a dry, comfortable condition, you’ll ultimately contribute to your home’s long term resale potential.

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