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Clay Sewer Pipe Replacement

Are you looking for clay sewer pipe replacement services that won’t break the bank? MT Drains has the experts, tools, and knowledge to fix and replace clap pipes across residential properties in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Common Clay Sewer Pipe Issues

Clay-based terra cotta pipes serve specific purposes. The sections of pipe are shaped like a bell, and the narrower ends attach to a larger bell section, forming a sewer line. The joints are held and sealed by mortar.
As the structure ages and ground movement occurs, holes and cracks can appear, leading to the breaking of the clay pipes. This deterioration can cause a plumbing emergency and disable the sewer line.
Once foul sewer odour is discernible in the yard, bathroom sinks, or basement, it’s a clear sign of the clay pipe condition worsening. It’s also common to hear unusual gurgling sounds from the sewer line, raw sewage backup, and poor water flow.
Professional sewer line specialists like those at MT Drains and Plumbing use professional tools to assess the condition of the pipes and determine whether a full or partial replacement is required.
roots in clay pipe
Roots that invaded clay sewer pipe

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Full vs. Partial Replacement – Understanding the Factors

Clay pipe owners often have to decide between making full or partial replacements. A full replacement of the pipes in the basement and outside isn’t the cheapest of house projects. Due to budget concerns, many property owners go for partial replacements. In some cases, a single plumber can assist with spot replacements, which costs much less than having to employ a group of technicians.
Some homeowners also work their way toward a total replacement gradually by performing partial replacements every once in a while. This endeavour is less detrimental to the budget, but it’s far from a perfect solution either.
Repeating the process for clay pipe replacement over and over again can be a tiring process:
  1. Locating the damaged pipe.
  2. Digging the area to access the pipe.
  3. Cutting the clay once the pipe is exposed.
  4. Backfilling the trench and re-cementing.
However, there is a major difference between the traditional trench-digging replacement method and the modern, trenchless clay drain replacement. Below, we explain just how efficient the trenchless clay pipe replacement can be for a property.

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Trenchless Drain Replacement Explained

Traditional drain replacement methods tend to be messy. They take more time and can severely affect the landscape. If compared to the trenchless drain replacement method, the latter always wins.

Trenchless Drain Replacement Is Cleaner and Faster

Sewer lines usually run under a home’s landscape. After fixing the drains, the traditional replacement method can cost homeowners thousands of dollars to fix the landscape damage.
Trenchless drain replacement only takes one or two holes in the sewer line to perform the operation. Most often, it’s at the start and end of the pipes, thus drastically reducing damage to the landscaping.
The process is also faster because the contractors don’t have to dig trenches in the yard. The trenchless replacement can take only a few days compared to weeks when using traditional methods.
Learn more about trenchless drain replacement here.

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Trenchless Drain Replacement Is More Affordable

Every project that is labour-intensive will be expensive. With traditional replacement methods, building trenches takes much more time and effort. The added hours also increase the price of the project.

It Offers Quality Repairs

One of the most significant benefits of trenchless drain replacement is that the new technique uses joint-free piping that keeps cracks, offset pipes, and tree root invasions out of the picture.
Trenchless repairs don’t harm the environment or neighbors. The experts only require a small access point to repair the lines.
MT Drains performs high-quality drain repair services that are safe for the property, family, and the environment. We use the latest technology that shows minimal traces of work being done on the ground upon repair.
GTA residents can rely on professional, affordable, and fast terra cotta pipe replacement services offered by our specialists.

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Pipe Bursting Techniques

Experts may recommend the pipe bursting method if an old clay pipe has undergone serious damage. The result is a new pipe with no joints that is seamless and more durable against corrosion, cracking or tree root invasion. Plus, its lifespan can well outlive 50 years.
There are numerous methods used for terra cotta pipe replacement, but pipe bursting is the most efficient one.
Pipe bursting is a trenchless method for replacing buried pipelines without using the traditional construction trench. Instead, the “launching and receiving pits” are used.
sewer line that was clogged & craacked
A pipe-bursting operation has five essential equipment pieces:
  • Expander head
  • Pulling rods
  • Pulling machine
  • Retaining device
  • Hydraulic power rack

How Pipe Bursting Works

Modern expander heads are much smaller in size compared to the bursting end and can fit through pipes that need replacement. The design of the leading end guides the expander head through the pipe, which leads to more successful outcomes compared to previous models that were much larger in diameter.
Fins make the first contact with the pipe when passing from the leading end to the bursting end. They help make sure the pipe is broken along its circumference.
Then, a machine is sent to the receiving pit. The machine pulls the expander head and the new pipe in the line with the use of heavy links.
The equipment for pipe bursting runs thanks to hydraulic power generators. Depending on the project, there can be more than one generator.

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Benefits of Pipe Bursting

Here’s an overview of the pipe bursting technique benefits:
  • Not so labour-intensive
  • Doesn’t damage the landscape
  • Cost-effective pipe replacement solution
  • Safe for the residents and the environment
  • Has a greater productivity
  • Boosts the pipe’s flow capacity
  • Reduces trench settlement
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee (in most cases)
  • Promotes technological innovation
As you can see, there are numerous advantages of the pipe-bursting method. Still, it’s best to consult professionals for advice on the best clay drain replacement method for your particular situation.

How MT Drains and Plumbing Can Help

MT Drains and Plumbing is a plumbing, waterproofing, and underground drain service company that operates in Toronto and the surrounding area. Our experts can make a home visit to perform the diagnostics and give homeowners the initial quote for the replacement work. We take care of terra cotta pipe replacement using the latest burst piping techniques to offer a fast, effective, and cost-efficient service.
It’s essential to recognize the signs of clay pipe issues and advise on the best possible solution to save the property owner time and money. Give us a call or visit the official page for more details on our high-level service.

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