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Sewer Line Cleaning Services in Toronto

MT Drains and Plumbing provides affordable, thorough, and eco-friendly sewer line cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Make your sewer line and the rest of the drainage system run smoothly by calling the experts at MT Drains for a fast-cleaning service.
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Signs You Need Sewer Line Cleaning

Common signs you need sewer line cleaning include the following.
If gurgling sounds from a drain are a regular occurrence in a household, it’s most likely clogged. When the clogged drain releases air into the water, it makes a weird sound. In this case, it’s important to have the line cleaned before it starts to cause backups.
Is there water pooling around specific drains in your home? If so, it may be an indication that you need a thorough sewer system cleaning. At this point, check the appliances that rely on the sewer system to identify any pooling water.
The occasional unpleasant smell in the kitchen or the toilet is completely normal. But if the issue occurs regularly and comes from the sewer, it’s a clear sign that you need a cleaning session.
The signs above are some of the most common indicators that a sewer system needs cleaning. However, regardless of the symptoms, it’s recommended to invest in professional cleaning services every 18 months. Doing so will keep the clogs from happening and causing damage to the installations.
Now that you understand why sewer line cleaning is necessary, let’s look at how the whole process works.

How Sewer Line Cleaning Works

The need for keeping a sanitary and clean environment for families to live in is the primary concern of any property owner. Routine inspections and cleaning the sewer system are the best ways to ensure that’s the case.
Many homeowners are confused about the best way to approach their sewer line cleaning. While DIY solutions seem more affordable, they don’t guarantee 100% efficient results. In fact, the sewer will most likely have to be cleaned again much sooner after a DIY session.
A sewer system is built from various materials and located in different parts of a property. Regardless, every sewer line must be cleaned routinely to ensure it operates without problems.
Sewer line cleaning in residential areas start by locating the sewer line cleanout. What is a cleanout, you may wonder?
A cleanout, also known as a drain cleanout, is the access point to the property’s main sewer line. The cleanout allows plumbers and other technicians to access backups and clogs without having to dig up lines.
Only trained and licensed plumbers should use the cleanout, but every homeowner should know where this element is located.
It’s important to note that not all households have sewer line cleanouts. In properties that lack cleanouts, it’s more challenging to reach the clogs. However, the task is still possible. Plumbers usually rely on two access points for reaching clogs: the toilet or roof vents.

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Plumbers often need to remove toilets from the bathroom to access the drain pipe in case there’s no cleanout. They insert the camera or line cleaner to perform the work. After the area is cleaned, the professionals install the toilet back in its place.
MT Drains experts are trained to perform sewer line cleaning through toilets without compromising their functionality and aesthetics after the work is complete.

Roof Vent

A roof vent or sewer vent lets gas from the sewer lines out of the home. Thanks to a roof vent, homeowners don’t smell odours that come from their toilets and drains. It’s still tricky to insert a hydro-jetting cleaner or camera, but the pipes can still be cleaned through this vent.
MT Drains and Plumbing professionals are licensed to complete sewer line cleaning services in the most inaccessible of places (roof vents included) in an efficient and secure way. We use the latest tools and industry knowledge to perform fast and thorough sewer line cleaning services by preserving the integrity of the system.

When Line Cleaning Isn’t Enough

Homeowners are often advised to replace their sewer lines if they have been showing serious signs of deterioration. Old age, burst pipes, holes, root intrusions, and a foul odour can be some reasons behind the need for sewer line replacement.
If, for example, a main drain clog can’t be safely unclogged or the drain has suffered severe damage, professionals will recommend having the line replaced. Only expert technicians can make the final decision after thoroughly assessing the area.
Sometimes, sewer pipe repair is necessary along with cleaning. If the clogs show signs of issues but don’t necessarily need to be replaced, the sewer line specialist can proceed with repairs. Plumbers usually recommend two types of repair – pipe bursting and pipe lining.
Pipe lining is done when pipe damage is minimal, while pipe bursting is a more aggressive method necessary to treat serious issues.
MT Drains and Plumbing can perform safe and effective pipe bursting to replace damaged pipes. Our experts have already assisted in hundreds of small and complex pipe-bursting operations across the GTA.

Why Hire MT Drains for Sewer Line Cleaning Services

MT Drains and Plumbing have been in the sewer line cleaning business for decades. Our experts are available for 24/7 services, including emergency sewer line cleaning, routine maintenance, and more. We can assist with storm drains, floor drains, sewer drains, and other installations.
As Toronto’s leading drain and plumbing company, we have experience assessing and cleaning sewer lines in commercial and residential properties. We can assist property owners with any clogged drain and sewer issues seven days a week.
Here’s why MT Drain and Plumbing is among the most trusted plumbing companies around:
  • Licensed and insured technicians with years of field experience
  • Emergency services are available 24/7
  • Well-established brand and reputation
  • Caring customer service
  • The intervention is over only when the issue is completely removed
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