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Are you struggling with leaks in your basement? MT Drains & Plumbing is the waterproofing company Toronto homeowners call for quick and long-lasting solutions to basement leaks.
Whether the leak is due to a cove joint fault, floor or wall crack, or hydrostatic pressure, we quickly diagnose the fault and recommend an effective solution. We promise to provide you with a tailored solution that fits your budget, preventing future basement flooding and protecting your home.
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Waterproofing Services We Offer in Toronto

At MT Drains & Plumbing, we are basement leak experts with years of experience in providing lasting solutions.
By taking the time to carefully assess your basement and identify the causes of aleak, we can provide a solution that fully satisfies your basement waterproofing needs. Some of our most requested waterproofing services for resolving a basement leak in Toronto include:
  • Exterior or interior foundation repairs
  • French drainage or weeping tile installation and repairs
  • Window well installation
  • Sump pump installation and repairs
  • External basement waterproofing
  • Basement foundation crack repair
  • All our services are available at competitive prices. We also complete these projects perfectly on the first attempt, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about calling us for repeat services.

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    Get Help From Our Licenced & Insured Waterproofers

    Insured and Licenced Toronto Waterproofers

    As the leading waterproofing company Toronto homeowners can trust, our team of fully licenced technicians has proven their qualifications and expertise to the relevant authorities. It also means that by choosing us for basement waterproofing services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is in competent hands.
    In the unlikely event that our technicians damage anything, you won’t have to bear the cost—our team is well insured.

    "Prompt And Professional Work"

    Prompt and professional work. This was the second time I had MT Drains do some work at our Preschool. The plumbing needed to be rerouted and was done quickly and minimal water shutoff.
    We use MT Drains for all our plumbing needs as they are reliable, reasonably priced and always work professionally.

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    Damp or Leaky Basement? We Can Help!

    The sooner you fix a basement leak in Toronto, the better. Ignoring the leak will only lead to deterioration and costly repairs or replacement. It will also affect the safety and structural integrity of your home.
    Since different types of basement leaks require unique approaches and specialized equipment, you should always choose experienced and licenced waterproofers in Toronto, like us, for the job.
    We’ve been in the business of providing lasting solutions to basement leaks for almost three decades. Our experience and constantly updated skills equip us with everything we need to cost-effectively and quickly resolve even the most complicated basement leak.
    Are you ready to discuss your basement waterproofing Toronto project? Contact MT Drains & Plumbing for impressive services with lasting results.

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    Reviews From Our Happy GTA Customers

    Elayne from ThonnhillTrusted Pros
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    I contacted MT Drains & Plumbing, they called me back immediately and gave me an estimated arrival time.They were extremely prompt. That really counts when you have a leak! Pavel and Eddie are very polite and tidy. They identified and fixed the source of the leak professionally.
    Maria From ConcordTrusted Pros
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    These guys saved our life by showing up in time and replaced a leaky pipe easily! After that, we scheduled an appointment for the next day to check everything out, so the leaking problem won't bother us again because of the extremely cold temperatures. We had great communication and we received all the answers that we needed for future prevention of the problem. Well done job! I would say, above and beyond.
    Ryan from TorontoTrusted Pros
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    My wife and I purchased an older home in East York with the understanding that we were going to need to do a fair bit of work to modernize the infrastructure. Plumbing being a major focus. I contracted MT to: replace cast iron plumbing stacks (there were two in my home), plumb our new kitchen main floor, and also a basement kitchen that we have, as well as some plumbing for two new bathrooms. We also decided to replace the clay sewers in the home which were about 75 years old and also install a backflow valve. Eddy, Pavel and their team of plumbers did a great job.
    Max from Richmond HillTrusted Pros
    Read More
    Had a great experience with MT Drains & Plumbing, I recommend everybody to contact Pavel for any plumbing project question. We had a water heater and softener installed at our home and price and service were top notch!
    Janna from TorontoHillTrusted Pros
    Read More
    Thank you MT drains for being reliable, always on time and trying to accommodate my variable schedule. I am very satisfied with the price and service I was provided.

    Industry Leaders in Basement Waterproofing

    At MT Drains & Plumbing, we are the first choice for basement waterproofing in Toronto. We deliver long-lasting results on all projects, with the latest proven basement waterproofing tactics, and the best results the first time around.
    For all repairs and installations, we use top-quality products from leading manufacturers. You are bound to get a perfect finish on any waterproofing project without worries about calling us for repeat services.
    We have diligently acquired a long list of happy customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area over our time of service. We would love to add you as another happy customer by providing you with a dry, safe, and comfortable basement.

    "Helped Me Fix My Basement Leak For a Reasonable Cost"

    We had a leak in the corner of our basement. Pavel examined the area and provided some tips on how to inspect and find the cause. After finding and locating the root of the problem, he provided me with a reasonable solution and reasonable estimate of cost. The work his crew did was professional and clean. I highly recommend Pavel, for I find him professional, reasonable, responsive and cooperative.

    Interior vs. Exterior Waterproofing

    If your basement is often wet, it can lead to complications, such as persistent strongodours and rampant mould growth. Leave it long enough, and it could also damage floors, walls, pillars, and ceilings.
    The wetness could be due to water leaking into the basement from outside from wall seepage or poorly installed basement windows. It could also be internal from a damaged pipe or floor seepage from hydrostatic pressure. Depending on the cause, we can provide a lasting solution through external or interior waterproofing.
    Exterior waterproofing involves waterproofing and sealing the foundation of your home to cover cracks that can let in moisture. Interior waterproofing usually involves concrete coating or installing a drain along the base of your walls. The drain will catch water seepage and safely deposit it outside your basement.
    Let us perform a free on-site estimate to determine if interior or exterior waterproofing is the best solution for waterproofing your basement.

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    Need Help Waterproofing Your Toronto Home?

    Benefits to Basement Waterproofing

    It might be tempting to ignore a basement leak, especially if you rarely use your basement or the leak is out of sight. Ignoring the leak doesn’t mean it isn’t causing problems, and it could eventually cause health issues and thousands in property damage.
    The sooner you get basement waterproofing, the sooner you can begin using the room safely, including as a home theatre, studio, or hobby room.
    Early basement waterproofing also prevents:
  • Extensive and expensive water damage
  • Compromising the structural integrity of your building
  • Mould growth, which can be hazardous to your health
  • Damage to plumbing or electrical connections in your basement
  • interior drain tile covered with new cement

    Basement Foundation Crack Repair Experts

    Various aspects cause basement foundation cracks, including seismic activity, drying, or your house settling into the soil beneath it. Some cracks are harmless, but if your basement cracks are leaking moisture, plugging the holes with cement or other sealants won’t do the job.
    Why Is There a Crack in the Basement Wall?
    At MT Drains & Plumbing, we determine the extent of a crack, assessing it to see if it goes all the way down to the foundation.We’ll dig to the footings to find and fix the foundation crack, which seals the crack at the source and stops moisture from leaking through and damaging your basement further.
    Do you have a foundation crack that’s bothering you? Let our experts at it.

    Cure Your Wet Basement Today!

    Subsidy Program in Toronto

    Basement waterproofing is crucial to preventing avoidable water damages, but it isn’t the cheapest project. Thankfully, the Toronto Waterproofing Subsidy Program makes things more affordable.
    Being a recognized waterproofing company, Toronto homeowners can access this subsidy by working with us. Taking advantage of the subsidy can save you up to 80% on installing flood prevention tools, like backwater valves and sump pumps. The subsidy also covers projects like capping, pipe severance, and foundation drain.
    We’ll provide all the guidance you need for claiming the subsidy payment of around $1,700 from the City of Toronto. You can only qualify for the subsidy if you are a registered owner of a Toronto duplex, single-family home, or triple property.
    Also, the property must be an existing one and not have already exhausted its maximum payable subsidy.

    Sump Pump Installation & Repair

    Sump pump installation is an important part of basement waterproofing, especially if your home’s location is prone to basement flooding.
    We install sump pumps at the lowest point of your house, where water leaks or floodwater would accumulate. The pump will have an automatic flotation switch that powers on as soon as the water reaches a specific level.
    Once on, the pump will drain the accumulated water out of your basement and deposit it outside. It’s an excellent preventative measure for keeping your basement safe and dry, and we can supply and install an option that’s a perfect fit for your home.
    We also provide convenient and cost-effective sump pump maintenance and repair services, keeping your installation working perfectly.
    Basement Lowering - Sump Pump

    Sump Pump Installation & Repair Services in Toronto

    Why Choose MT Drains for Your Toronto Basement Waterproofing Project

    MT Drains & Plumbing has been caring for the basement waterproofing needs of Toronto residents for over two decades. We have acquired special experience and skills over many years that enable us to deliver tailored solutions for the unique basement waterproofing needs of each client.
    Aside from receiving highly-rated services with long-lasting results, you can expect the following when you choose us for your basement waterproofing project:
  • Licenced and insured technicians
  • Polite and respectful professionals
  • 24/7 availability to care for your needs immediately
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Fantastic customer service
  • No mess
  • Impressive warranties on installations
  • Aside from basement waterproofing, you can also count on us for crawl space waterproofingin homes that don’t have basements.

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    See if our basement waterproofing company Toronto is right for you—contact us today for a free on-site estimate. You can schedule our technicians to visit at a time that best suits you.
    After examining your basement cracks and water leaks, we’ll recommend solutions that fit your budget and goals. We can also provide you with a free no-obligation quote based on the recommended service. Our quotes are always competitive, and we are happy to answer any of your questions.

    We Offer Free On-Site Estimates

    Window Well Services

    When properly done, a window well installation will stop floodwater from entering your basement from outside. By taking advantage of our expertise, you can get a window well installation that effectively stops water from leaking through ground-level basement windows, especially after heavy downpours.
    Aside from stopping basement window water leaks, our basement window well installations also prevent water damage to basement walls, window frames, wall studs, and drywall.
    Window well complication
    When do you need French Drain

    Stop Water Pooling with a French Drain

    Installing a French drain is an effective interior waterproofing tactic. It involves digging a trench in the basement floor and laying a perforated pipe in it, covered with gravel or rocks.
    Instead of water accumulating on your basement floor, it’ll drain into the perforated pipes. The pipes then carry the water to a septic tank or other drain area.
    Contact us to arrange for a professionally installed French drain that prevents water from pooling in your basement and causing water damage. We can also install French drains outside your basement to effectively drain your yard and direct rainwater exactly where you want it to go.

    Water Pooling In The Yard? MT Drains Offers French Drain Installation

    Types of Basement Leaks

    There are various causes for a basement leak in Toronto. Popular culprits are wall cracks, hydrostatic pressure, cove joints, and floor cracks.
    • Wall cracks can be caused by the house settling or shrinking, cement drying, and seismic activity. The presence of cracks can create entry points for water in the soil surrounding the basement.
    • Hydrostatic pressure is caused by water underneath your basement floor or wall pushing against the barrier until it breaks into your basement. We install a French drain to control such seepage by draining the water to a sump pump or outlet.
    • Cove joints are where the walls of your basement meet the floor. The point isn’t perfectly sealed, so water can leak into the basement from there. A French drain or other types of interior waterproofing are effective for controlling such basement leaks.
    • Floor cracks can force water from the ground into your basement. Such leaks can be caused by hydrostatic pressure or a burst pipe under the foundation.
    The right approach to fixing a basement leak will depend on the cause. By carefully assessing your basement leak, we can identify the best solution and stop it from reoccurring.
    Call MT Drains & Plumbing today to discuss your basement waterproofing needs and arrange for a free on-site estimate.

    Identify Your Waterproofing Problem

    Protect and stop water from getting into your basement or crawl space with our waterproofing solutions.

    Explore Solutions >>

    Standing water on the base of your home might be causing basement leaks or crawl space flooding.

    Find Solutions >>

    House foundation cracks could cause water seepage into your home.

    Find Solutions >>

    Standing water on the base of your home might be causing basement leaks or crawl space flooding.

    Find Solutions >>

    Standing water in the yard or run-off from the neighbours.

    Find Solutions >>

    Water not draining fast enough or large puddles are forming after rain or snow melting.

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    Experiencing water pooling in your lawn leading up to the sidewalk or an increase in your water bill? 

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    Offering Emergency Basement Leak Repair


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    Water Pooling Near Foundation

    Solution 1

    Weeping Tile Installation

    Weeping tile is a perforated pipe that allows water to flow away from your foundation and house. It is an important step in a basement waterproofing process. Sponge-like pipe buried underground.

    Solution 2

    Window Well Installation

    Window well drainage repair and installation are important for proper drainage of water collecting near or in your basement’s window well. A drainage line is installed to drain water below the foundation line. 

    Water Pooling Near Downspound Or Yard

    Solution 1

    Trench Drain Installation

    Trench drains are a great way to direct pooling water away from driveways or along pathways. Offering both internal and external applications. Get a free on-site consultation to see if the trench drain is right for you.

    Solution 2

    French Drain Installation

    Dig a trench along the outside of your footing. Lay the pipe on the virgin soil. Cover the pipe with at least 12 inches of washed gravel. Lay filter fabric over the gravel to prevent any soil from clogging the pipe. 

    Clogged Catch Basin or Storm Drain

    Solution 1

    Catch Basin Cleaning Services

    Debris and garbage are thrown and carried by rainwater down a special catch basin, which caused the basin to overfill and block water from flowing down the sewer lines. It is recommended to have an annual cleaning of the catch basin.

    Standing Water In The Yard

    Solution 1

    Drain Camera

    Its hard to know whats going on in your pipes, so the use of drain cameras is often required to determine what is wrong in order to diagnose the problem to find the most suitable solution.

    Solution 2

    Trench-less Drain Repair

    If a problem with your drainage is detected, there is a method of resolving your plumbing issue. Trench-less Drain repair has many methods of substituting the busted pipe with a new fresh one.

    Wet Basement Protection Services

    Solution 1

    Basement Waterproofing

    Internal & external basement waterproofing has proven to be very effective methods to keep your basement dry and safe from external water. Get a free on-site estimate on which method would work best for you.
    Solution 2

    Sump Pump Installation

    Sump pumps are used to pump water from a basic installed underneath your basement’s foundation. When the water reaches a set high the pump turns on automatically and pumps the water outside of the house.
    Solution 3

    Backwater Valve

    Backwater valves protect your basement from back-flow of sewer water into  your basement or crawl space. Backwater valve is a one directional flow valve protecting your home from flooding and damages.
    Solution 4

    Drain Snaking

    Clogged drains leading to your basement overflowing? Our plumbing specialists will unclog any drain in a manner that is both quick & safe for your pipes. 

    Cracked Basement Foundation

    Solution 1

    Foundation Crack
    Search & Repair

    Your foundation is one of those areas that is exceedingly important to check regularly so that you can fix problems when they are small rather than letting them become worse and more expensive. If you want to safeguard your foundation against these costly bills, you should have it checked and repaired regularly.

    Solution 2

    External Basement Waterproofing

    External waterproofing, in short, accommodates the structural components of buildings and walls. It can make an effective and dependable management strategy for people who are frustrated by water issues such as basement flooding. It’s a process that entails dirt excavation right by basement walls, setting up moisture barriers.

    Water Pooling Near Sidewalk or On Lawn

    Solution 1

    Main Water Line Repair

    Are you experiencing water pooling near your sidewalk? or unnatural increase to your water bill? Sometimes the water line can become damaged either by freezing, or tree roots. When this happens it is paramount to have this problem resolved quickly.

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