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french drain being installed in the yard

Weeping Tiles 101

Foundation cracks are one of the worst things that you can see on your home. These often happen as a result of drainage issues, which

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comparison of slab vs crawl foundation
Home Improvement

Crawlspace vs. Slab Foundation

Is it better to have a crawlspace or slab? This is a common question among those planning to build a house. A crawlspace used to be the primary type of foundation, but today, however, slab foundations are becoming more popular.

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maintained floor drain

Floor Drain Maintenance

Many property owners neglect their floor drains because they work efficiently, and there’s little need to check them until it’s too late. The primary purpose

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close view of catch basin in the rain

How to Repair a Catch Basin

If you own or operate a commercial or residential property with a catch basin, you will inevitably need to repair it.Catch basins require regular maintenance

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residential catch basin in the lawn

Catch Basins 101

Does your front yard look like a marsh after it rains? A catch basin might be the answer. Not only do catch basins keep up

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What is a window well

What is a Window Well?

Although basements weren’t traditionally designed to have windows, most modern homeowners prefer them to let light into their basements. Window wells are cutouts that go

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Curtain Drains

What is a Curtain Drain? How is it different from a French Drain?

A curtain drain is an underground trench that slopes downward. It usually begins around two feet below ground level and is one and a half feet wide. Gravel fills the hole to give the water somewhere to go. A French drain sits at ground-level. You can see the gravel even with the ground around it. These are frequently installed in yards or on lots that already have some slope to them. French drains can take advantage of the existing terrain and move water accordingly.

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