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Toilet Won’t Stop Running

toilet that was roughed in

Practically everyone has had a toilet that wouldn’t stop running. The first reaction is to stare in disbelief as water runs long after the flush cycle completes. Next, you may jiggle the handle to stop the stream. Sometimes you get relief because the toilet stops running. However, you get the same results the next time you flush.

The bad news is that your toilet won’t stop running because it needs repair. But the good news is that you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the skills or tools to do the job. MT Drains has serviced plumbing needs for residents of Toronto and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

Keep reading this article for information about the causes and solutions for a running toilet. Then contact MT drains to put a stop to your running toilet.

The High Cost of Running Toilets

When a toilet doesn’t stop running, it is more than just annoying. Wasted water is a major problem with long-reaching global effects. Canada is a leading country in water waste. Statistics concerning water waste in Canada include:

  • Running toilets waste up to 900 liters of water per day
  • Two Canadian cities (Montreal and Calgary) waste the highest amount of water on the planet
  • Tap water releases 9 liters of water per minute

Additional factors contribute to water waste that is beyond the control of citizens. Poor infrastructure, outdated plumbing, and frequent flooding are at the top of the list. Governments in every country earmark funds to go toward resolving these issues.

In the meantime, Canada joins other countries in educating citizens on water conservation. As a result, an increasing number of households are changing how they use water. More homeowners in Canada now hire plumbers to install low water volume toilets and other water-saving devices. Still, people have toilets that won’t stop running.

Quick Fixes Are Not Always the Best Solution

There are signs a toilet is running water out of control. For example, the toilet water may keep running long after it’s flushed. An unexpected sky-high water bill is also a dead giveaway; there’s a plumbing problem. There is no substitute for contacting a professional plumber to diagnose and repair the toilet. But many homeowners try common do-it-yourself solutions.

Often, a toilet won’t stop running due to a high-water level. Excess water builds up into the toilet tank. As a result, water spills from the tank and overflows into the toilet bowl. The solution is to adjust the height of the float ball to lower the water level. It’s an easy fix for people who have experience with this issue.

An old toilet flapper is also a well-known running toilet culprit. A flapper (also known as a valve seal) stops sealing the water in the tank, allowing it to keep running into the toilet bowl. Again, this is not hard to do if you have the tools and know-how. If not, let a plumber replace the flapper to avoid flooding your home or ruining your toilet.

Another problem that arises is a lengthy filling tube. If the tube is too long, it continually pumps water into the toilet bowl. The same problem can happen if the tube is not positioned correctly. Some people know how to trim and reposition the tube to stop the toilet from running, but it’s not advisable to tackle the repair if you don’t have experience.

A running toilet should be fixed immediately. Delaying a repair is costly and can lead to water damage in your home. However, quick fixes easily create more problems when an amateur tries to make repairs. In addition, your toilet may require more in-depth maintenance and repair than you know. A plumbing professional has the training to get to the root causes of toilet malfunctions.

What Professional Plumbers Know

Many homeowners are quite handy with making minor repairs around their homes. When the toilet doesn’t stop running, they fix it themselves rather than call a professional. However, homeowners should not hesitate to contact a professional if they’re unsure about any step in the process. A plumber is knowledgeable about issues beyond stopping the toilet from running.

Licensed plumbers are prepared for any contingencies that arise. Their expert knowledge saves the homeowner time and frustration. For instance, licensed plumbers know:

  • the city codes that apply to the work they’re doing
  • how to avoid violating plumbing codes
  • what tools are needed and how to use them skillfully
  • the correct parts (and the size) required for your toilet
  • safety procedures to avoid injury or damage
  • the amount of pressure to apply to nuts, bolts, connectors, and other hardware

Countless homeowners waste time going back to replace a part that is the wrong size to fix their toilet. More importantly, cracked toilets and injuries often happen with do-it-yourself plumbing. The result is a frustrating day or weekend, which may or may not end with the toilet fixed. Hiring a skilled professional saves time and avoids unnecessary risks.

Know Your Limits

If a toilet doesn’t stop running, the fix might be easy. On the other hand, a running toilet is possibly a sign of a serious plumbing problem. However, only a professional plumber can assess the situation with confidence.

Savvy homeowners recognize when a problem is beyond their skillset. They contact a professional to avoid turning a small mistake into a colossal disaster. Plumbers are experienced in assessing what went wrong and how to fix it. They are eager to repair the problem and save the homeowner unnecessary headaches.

Expect the Best

Finding the right plumbing contractor saves time and money. However, the business must be trustworthy with a stellar work ethic. MT Drains and Plumbing has built a reputation of trust and top-quality work since 1991. We are located in Vaughan, but our service area includes Toronto and the surrounding areas.

We offer dozens of residential and commercial plumbing and waterproofing services. Our licensed and bonded professional plumbers respond quickly to your service needs. You will receive a competitive free quote with no hidden fees.

See for yourself why we rank among the top commercial plumbing companies in the Vaughn community. Allow one of our expert plumbers or drain professionals to assess your problem and propose a no-hassle solution.


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