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What to Do When a Pipe Bursts

Dealing with a pipe burst is a nightmare for every homeowner. It may lead to severe deterioration to your property and belongings and end up costing you a fortune to repair the water damage.
Low temperatures and other malfunctions with the plumbing system can cause cracks in the pipes, valves, and connections, and within minutes, you may face water pouring down the ceilings and walls.
The key to handling indoor water leaks is to take decisive and fast action. When it comes to such a problem, time is of the essence, and you shouldn’t delay the process. Keep reading to learn what to do when a pipe bursts in your home.

The Causes Behind a Pipe Burst

When a pipe bursts in your home, you may be wondering what caused it. Like most homeowners, you might assume the burst happens out of nowhere, but that’s not the case.
Here are some of the most common causes of the mess in your house.


When water has a high amount of iron and other minerals, it forms corrosion, damaging the pipes. In this condition, your pipe may burst because of the change in water pressure. Disproportion in the water’s pH may also cause rust, especially if you have a copper pipe.
The good thing is that rust is preventable with regular maintenance.


Another reason for a pipe burst is build-up clogs. When clogs of dirt, food, and waste accumulate in the pipe system, they add pressure to the pipeline and have no other way out than through the sewer.

Minor clogs can’t cause your pipe to burst, but large ones can, so it is essential to detect clogs on time to avoid expensive repairs.


Frozen pipes are a problem for places with harsh winters, including Vaughan and the surrounding areas. A pipe can burst because of build-up ice or rapid temperature increases.
If the pipes are frozen and you turn on the hot water, your pipelines are at risk. To avoid this problem, turn the thermostat to keep the pipes warm.

Signs of a Burst Pipe

Homeowners usually know when a pipe bursts due to a water leak in the basement or bathroom. However, other signs may also suggest you have a problem with the sewer system and need to react quickly.

High Water Bill

When you have a broken pipe, the monthly bills tend to increase. In this case, the excess water from the pipelines adds to the water usage, causing your utility bills to get more expensive.

Water Sounds

Another sign that suggests you have a burst pipe is if you keep hearing strange sounds coming from the walls. For example, drip sounds hint you have a leak, water sounds indicate a broken pipe, and sounds of rushing water indicate a severe pipe deterioration.
Before you do anything, check faucets from your sinks, toilets, and tubs, and see if you can identify the source.


If you notice puddles anywhere in your home, it means you have a broken pipe. Small puddles indicate a leak, but large ones imply a burst. If you neglect the puddles, you may have to deal with severe and expensive issues later, so it is better to stabilize the problem before it becomes bigger.

How to Deal with a Pipe Burst

Although you don’t have the equipment or the skills as professional plumbers do, you can still do something to minimize the damage. Here is what to do when dealing with a broken pipe.

Turn Off the Valves

The first thing you need to do is to turn off the main valves. You may find the main under the kitchen sink or where the main water pipes connect to your property.
Once the water is off, you will need to drain the pipelines. Next, turn on the cold water on all faucets in your home and flush the toilets. Ensure the water heater is off, and then go back to all faucets to run the hot water and drain the remaining liquids.
When there is no more tap water, the leak will stop, and you can inspect the damage.

Locate the Broken Pipe

Try to locate the cracked pipe to determine the damage and diagnose the issue. A water pipe will take more effort and time to replace as opposed to a standard pipe from the bathroom sink.
After thoroughly inspecting the damage, you might patch it to prevent further deterioration. For a small crack, you may use a chemical bonding product or commercial tape. However, if the issue is bigger than you expected, it is better to call a professional to restore your pipes.

Keep all Doors Open

When dealing with a pipe burst, it is essential to follow all steps to reduce the damage and ensure your property is safe. If there is no water running, open the doors, stimulating airflow to dry out the pipes. Don’t forget to open your vanity and cabinet door.
While airflow can help, you can also turn the heat to speed up the process. If the temperature outside is warm, you can use a hairdryer instead to warm the pipelines. If the temperatures are low, don’t make sudden changes.
It is better to turn the heat up slowly to avoid another problem.

Consider a Repair Sleeve

Another thing you can do to decrease the leak and minimize catastrophe is to use a repair sleeve. You can cover the hole or crack to keep the water on.
It is a temporary solution to keep up with everyday home tasks. Once the plumbers come to inspect the pipes, they will remove the sleeve and take a closer look at the sewer system.

Let MT Drains & Plumbing Help

The professionals at MT Drains & Plumbing understand the stress of dealing with a pipe burst. Even if you think you have control over the problem, we have the experience, skills, and equipment to repair the damage for good, ensuring your pipes are functional again.

Our plumbers are professionals for pipe repairs and can deal with any problem, no matter how serious it looks.

We service Vaughan and the surrounding Ontario areas and are ready to help whenever you need us. Call us today at (905) 761-5551 to schedule an appointment for a pipe burst.


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