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I need a plumber

I Need a Plumber – How Can MT Drains & Plumbing Help

More often than not, we think that we can do something by ourselves to save time and money. This is especially true when it comes to home repairs. There are a lot of less obvious signs that we should call a plumber, which we might not notice at first. It isn’t until those minor issues turn into huge, unavoidable problems that we realize that contacting a professional plumbing service is the best course of action.

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Curtain Drains

What is a Curtain Drain? How is it different from a French Drain?

A curtain drain is an underground trench that slopes downward. It usually begins around two feet below ground level and is one and a half feet wide. Gravel fills the hole to give the water somewhere to go. A French drain sits at ground-level. You can see the gravel even with the ground around it. These are frequently installed in yards or on lots that already have some slope to them. French drains can take advantage of the existing terrain and move water accordingly.

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