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Look for a drain repair company in Toronto? At MT Drains & Plumbing company we have the experience and knowledge to fix your drainage problem quickly and affordable. Contact us today for an on-site consultation without any obligations.

When drainage works it’s a beautiful thing. When it’s not working properly, it’s one of the worst things a homeowner can go through. A bad storm can suddenly expose any flaws in your property’s drainage system, causing you thousands of dollars and often massive structural damage. As drain service experts, we specialize in:

Drain Repair Toronto

Commercial Drain Repair in Toronto

Toronto Drain Repair

Drainage problems are never good for business. They can cause you thousands of dollars in damaged walls, floors, carpeting, equipment or inventory. It can also lead to a loss of business, as you may be forced to temporarily close your building. We can help! We can help you install or fix a drainage system on nearly all building types, from vintage buildings to brand new builds. 



Waterproofing review in Richmond Hill
Waterproofing review in Richmond Hill
"Pavel was very accommodating and made sure our business was not interrupted. Thank you for all your excellent work!"

Drain Service in Toronto

Your home is your biggest investment. Protect your property with Toronto’s most reliable residential drainage service company Whether you’re looking to solve an existing problem, or prevent any potential issues, rely on our team. We have the experience and expertise to carry out any drain service project on time, on a budget, and to your 100% satisfaction.

Hire the GTA’s local experts. Drainage issues can be messy and expensive. So don’t trust your property in the hands of an amateur. We stand by our work and get most of our jobs through referrals. Our business succeeds by making sure 100% of our customers are 100% happy with our work.

Trench Drain
Drain Services review in Toronto
Drain Services review in Toronto
“The work done was in my mom’s home, which is a 1950s bungalow in south Etobicoke. The kitchen on the main floor would drain, but the drained water would appear in the laundry tub in the basement. Whereas before mom was suspicious, after the work was done she was very happy with the outcome, and very satisfied with the value she got for her money. I would definitely use Pavel on my properties and would recommend him. And so would mom ;-)”

Drain Service and Sewer Replacement in Toronto

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If your business is experiencing any sort of drainage or sewage-related issues, it can damage your property, your inventory, or your reputation. We offer 24/7 emergency response to any of your sewage issues, for any type of business. With so many plumbers in Toronto and the GTA, it’s hard to know who to choose. Never trust your property in the hands of an amateur. Work with a company that takes their business as seriously as you do. Residential We can help solve any drainage or sewage issues you’re having right now. But we can also help you inspect new builds or houses you’re looking at buying to fix any issues before they become messy and expensive problems. We stand by our work and get most of our jobs through referrals. Our business succeeds by making sure 100% of our customers are 100% happy with our work

Drain Repair in Toronto on budget

On very many occasions, more than you would wish, you have found yourself in situations where your main drain or the sewer drain for your buildings has broken down. In most cases, the cause is an old pipe or pipes made using clay. Causes such as a foreign object blocking or a tree penetrating are also viable.

These lead to clogs constantly being formed and in extreme situations, the pipеbursts. Some of the signs that you can base on to spot this include: slow water draining and clogged drain. Immediately the two are seen, take actions to service the drain. Delays will only lead to a lot of flooding and put your building at the risk of collapsing. A number of methods can be used to fix the drainage problem and professions in drain service Toronto are able to handle that without any difficulties. The first thing that is done is the evaluation of the problem after which the best action to take is selected. The idea is to come up with an action that will be quick and efficient in solving the problem.

Drain Inspection

Takes the first priority when it comes to draining service in Toronto. Fibre-optic CCTV cameras are used to do this. This accesses the pipes and identifies the places that have bursts, blockages or any other problem. After the problem has been located, the relevant course of action is evaluated.

At times it may be a necessity to replace the pipes or drains in whole. For example, in a situation where a French drain has been broken to completion, drain cleaning will be done. An inspection will then locate the breakages that debris had hidden. Do not panic during such times because you are well covered. You will get up-to-date drain service Toronto homeowners are able to fearlessly rely on; pipe bursting and drain lining.

Service techniques with no trenches dug

This refers to methods that can be used to service the drain without having to dig. Time is saved and messy trenches are evaded. Drain liner inspection is one such method. Some people refer to it as CIPP. In this technique, old pipes are fortified. Bladder fortified with resin is passed into the pipeline and resin is left to cure. Access to one end is required and no trenches will be dug. You may find it necessary to dig a small hole which is not that much destructive. Pipe bursting is the other trenchless service technique that one can use. It is the perfect method for replacing clay pipes with plastic pipes. Specialized pipe-bursting tools are used to achieve this. Some examples are the pullers and expanders. With the expander, the pipe will be fractured and pushed out of the way. The puller works in a different way. A new plastic pipe is brought behind the clay one that has been broken. These techniques become handy in scenarios where the drain pipe is running under buildings or it is in a landscape that should not be tampered with.

Drain Cleaning in Toronto

We offer affordable drain solutions for any property. We are experts in commercial and residential drain cleaning and vacuuming.

Drain cleaning Toronto is a very crucial and an essential activity as far as the durability of the equipment is concerned. This has to be done frequently to ensure that the sewer system is trouble-free. As you keep on using the equipment, there is an accumulation of the large amounts of debris, dirt and grease in the pipes. When these happens, it renders the drain flow weaker and less effective. Performing a timely sewer line cleaning will not only help in the normal functioning of sewage but also prevent stale dirty water from forming that may lead to the spread of pathogenic bacteria. Whenever there is a bad odour coming from your sewer system, never ignore it. It is always a clear indication that a thorough cleaning is needed. In fact, such events require immediate action for one to completely stop the spread of infection and save the day! It is not advisable to start the complicated process of drain cleaning when you have no required qualifications. If the work is not properly done, it can lead to unnecessary damages and potentially further contamination to your pipes. We have cases where injuries like burns were reported when this task was done with none qualified personnel. Since it entails the use of chemicals for cleaning, it can result in a very serious chemical burn when not properly handled. For this reason, several cleaning companies have been established. They have well trained and qualified personnel to efficiently and effectively do the cleaning. People specialized in plumbing work can readily be found in Toronto. Most of them are 100% commission free and are competent with sophisticated technology. As hard as the job may appear to be, it is completely easy for trained individuals. The major problems affecting our system include;

Customers should consider selecting a draining company with experience and trusted workers in the task. Those responsible should have customers at heart. They should prefer helping clients other than just a business that aims at collecting money. Also, we advise clients to select plumbers that offer perfect work at a reasonable cost. Most of them can offer quality services but at a higher price which most customers cannot afford. Therefore, check to ensure that the cleaning done is of help, both to you and to the plumber involved. I know by now you are probably asking yourself how to choose plumbers that are well qualified, to work flawlessly without causing any unnecessary destruction. Get a certified Toronto plumber of your choice to perform the work. You will know them with their licenses. All qualified Toronto plumbers are licensed.

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