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Snaking/Jetting Main Sewer Line

A clogged drain can cause flooding to your property, and do thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home or business. Protect your investment by working with the most reliable snaking and jetting specialists in Toronto and the GTA. Jetting (sometimes called hydro jetting) uses high pressure water to clear blockages in pipe systems to clear your blocked pipelines. If that isn’t the answer, it may require a more heavy-duty drain snake to clear the blockage. In either case, our trained and professional staff are available 24/7 to fix all of your clogging problems. With so many snaking/ jetting providers and plumbers in Toronto and the GTA, it’s hard to know which to choose. Always pick the one with the most satisfied customers, and the one with the strongest reputation. We take our strong name seriously, and work hard every day to earn your business.

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Drain Snaking, Roto Rooter, Drain Cleaning in Toronto

Plumber’s snakes are used in drain snake rooting. To be clear, motorized drain augers which are famously known as rooters and mostly used by rooter business, are the tools referred to as the plumber’s snakes. These tools are considered to be very powerful when it comes to clearing blocked plumbing.
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How rooters work

In order to clear any blockage in the plumbing, plumber’s snake sends down the drain and around the bends within the pipes a flexible stiff metal cable which can frequently extend to a hundred and above feet’s down to the line of the access point. In addition, other equipment or tools used together with this plumber’s snake are burlier and handle drain spinners which is considered to be a very powerful version of household, especially for sinks and floor drains and closet auger, which is a specially designed snake used in the toilets. Using motorized plumber’s snakes or auger, it is very possible to handle these tougher jobs which involves drain snake rooting. Enough force from the machine or plumber’s snake is provided by the electric motors or gasoline engines. These tools have strong mechanical actions which enable them to bore and penetrate through the hardest gnarled roots of trees, and also to crumble the buildup hard water minerals within the plumbing and head of the cable.
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How to use rooters in drain snake rooting

When using rooters, it is advised that for good use, better result and the user safety, you should follow the instructions provided in the operator’s manual and you should keenly observe all the safety precautions. For if you follow the given warnings and instructions, you will be sure of safety use of these dependable work horses.

Some of the precautions to be observed

When working on a damaged plumbing, it is advisable not to use an overly powered auger. You should consider the cracks and weak points against the great force provided by the metal cable and the grinding head. It is only safe on undamaged pipes off all types such as PVC, copper, concrete and steel plumbing. In contrary, it can be a serious mistake to make use of undersized drain auger. Drain snakes to function by sending a crock screw cable that is stiff enough to apply pressure to the blockage down the plumbing, the cable is also very flexible and can make its ways around the corners in the pipes. If the auger have a thin cable while the plumbing pipe to be unclogged is of a large diameter, it is very possible for the cable to become knotted on itself inside the pipes. When such a mistake occurs, it means that you have to pay dearly for the repair, since you have to access the plumbing in order to undo the knot before removing the auger. It is also advised to use the proper tool for the drain in the areas where it is meant for in order to avoid tangling the cable

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How drain snaking is done

A drain snake is a flexible tool for unclogging the drain. It can be a Do-it- Yourself or a professional one. Each home cannot afford to run away from clogged drains. When they happen, a number of options are available for you to use. A plunger is one of them and is the least expensive. Chemicals can also be poured down the drain but this is not that much environmental friendly. Some can also be dangerous to the user. Also, the other option that you have is to use a drain snake. That is what we will talk about now.

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If you don’t know what a drain snake is

The other name for this is a drain auger or a plumbing snake. It is a long, flexible, metallic cable that has a cone-shaped- auger at the end. The home drain snake is a bit smaller with a length of 50 ft. the name snake is as a result of how it resembles the snake itself. One end of the drain is normally pushed in the drain while turning it around using a handle. The flexibility of the snake makes sure that it does not get stuck, but rather bend at the areas with twists. This gives an assurance that it will move forward up to the obstruction. Auger end will hook into the clogs due to the twisting motion. Upon hooking, you can pull them back. Home drain snakes come in various versions for all modes of drains. It is obvious that you should not use the kitchen drain snake for toilet drains. The toilet snake is usually covered in plastic. The purpose is to keep the porcelain safe from scratching by auger and cable made in metal.

How do you use a drain snake?

Using a drain snake is very easy and if you have one (or planning to purchase anew one) you will be able to save a lot of dollars with time. They become handy in instances when the plunger has failed to deliver the needed results. To start you off, spread several towels on the area to be fixed. It is also advisable to wear hand gloves. Once the cable is out, you will highly likely touch it. You will as well touch anything that will be pulled from the clogged pipe. Work gloves are the best to handle this. The latex gloves are thin and the cable coils can stick on it and probably rip it off. Last but not least, put a pail close to you in which you will deposit the dirt. The auger end of the snake drain is inserted in the drain and the cable is pushed in by turning it around. Be slow and twist the handle as it pushes forward in the pipe. You may want to remove the drain cover to ease your working. If the snake comes across a blockage, you will know because the cable will back up. Keep turning the handle until the clog is crashed. If you feel your turning is being resisted, pull back the cable. This will pull out the clog as well. Pour some water in the unclogged drain.

Some DIY ways to try fix a clogged drain

We are all aware of the signs meant to warn us. The draining of the sink becomes sluggish. In the shower, water pools around your feet. Then the odor follows; the unpleasant odor. These are the simple signs that you can use to know you have a clogged drain. When that happens, you need to fix the drain. Here are the simple techniques that you can use to fix a clogged drain:

Baking soda and vinegar

Take one third of baking soda in a cup and mix it with one third of vinegar in a cup. Fizzing will start. Wasting no time, pour it in the drain that is clogged. Hair, gunk and grime are removed by the fizzing. Allow one hour to pass (overnight too if you are able) and then flush. Hot water should be used for flushing.

Boiling water

This is one of the easiest tips. Boil as much water as you are able on your stove or kettle or microwave. By following two or three stages, pour the hot water down the drain. You should do so in successive steps so that work-time is allowed. Fixing a clogged drain is done using this easier and faster way. Make a cup of tea with the remaining water.

Caustic Soda

Warning, for this technique you need rubber gloves and eye protection. Chemical burns can result from Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda). In a mop bucket, pour three-quarter cold water. Into the same bucket, pour three cups of Sodium Hydroxide. Use a wood spoon to stir well. Fizzing and heating up will start. Pass this mixture through the drain and allow 20 to 30 minutes. After that, flush using hot water. The process can be repeated if you see fit.

Use a drain snake

The drain snake is a technological innovation that is simple but producing great results. This metal rope is long and flexible. The only thing that you have to do is to pass it from one end to the other.

Baking soda and salt

Make a mixture of half a cup baking soda and half a cup salt. Pour this down the drain. Allow 10 to 20 minutes of work-time and the pour hot water. A chemical reaction will be produced by the boiling water, salt and baking soda. This dissolves the nastiest causing the blockage.

Dish Detergent

For a clogged toilet, a quarter of dish detergent poured in the toilet bowl will do the trick. Some boiling water should be added. In this technique, the dish soap is a lubricant and therefore breaks up greasy residue. After you have poured down hot water, begin plunging. If the plunger fails to deliver the desired results, consider using rubber gloves.

Bent wire hanger

It is simple but works perfectly well. Pick a wire coat hanger and straiten it. Bend one end of the straight wire to form some hook. Put this through the drain cover and start getting out the hairs and nasty items. Be careful not to push, but rather pull out.

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