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Exterior Waterproofing Stouffville

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Basement Crack Repair And Waterproofing in Stoufville

Exterior waterproofing can solve many problems, like foundation cracks and constant condensation on basement windows. Not too long ago, a homeowner called us and requested exterior waterproofing in Stouffville, and we provided an excellent service.

The Need

Upon arrival, it didn’t take too long to establish several other symptoms indicating that waterproofing was required. The chalky residue and water stains told us we needed to take a holistic approach to solve the problem.

The Solution

Our goal was to ensure the water couldn’t penetrate the basement, as prolonged dampness can cause structural damage and lead to mould and mildew development.

About the Service

The process of exterior waterproofing in Stouffville required a three-prong approach. First, we applied a waterproofing agent to the outer walls and then installed a specialized membrane. Finally, we added an efficient yard drainage system, which will prevent these issues in the future. Everything went very smoothly, and we made sure the system was working correctly before leaving the property.

Why Choose Us for the Job

The MT Drains & Pluming team has all the right skills and experience to ensure professional and expedient exterior waterproofing for your home. We offer the best and most affordable waterproofing services in the area.

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“I am so happy with the service the MT Drains & Plumbing team provides. I no longer have to worry about cracks in the foundation and basement floods after it rains.”
Tammy H
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