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When your pump is working, it’s a remarkably effective way of managing excess water and keeping things under control. When they malfunction, the results can be disastrous. Whatever problem or question you may have, we will be able to assist you.

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Do I Need A Sump-Pump?

It is very common for homes to accumulate moisture in their basement and other crawlspaces. Moisture is a dangerous thing to have in the home because it leads to the development of bacteria and compromises structures that are made of wood, paintwork and upholstery. When moistures go unchecked for a long time, it can even lead to mould damage and completely compromise the structural integrity of your home. These are a few reasons to go through the installation and sump pump repair in your home.

How Does A Sump Pump Work?

The excess water can get into your house by many means such as from flooding, leaking faucets, and other plumbing and will naturally flow to the lowest part of your home. Most of the pumps have an automated flotation system which automatically switches on and starts pumping the water once it reaches a certain level. The water is pumped out of the house and drained away from your home’s foundation, leading to flood prevention and preserving the home’s structural integrity.

How To Install A Sump Pump?

Sump pump installation is an easy process for our plumbers. The pumps can be incorporated into the house floor plan even after it has been completed. It is best to involve a plumber in the installation process because they will know the right pump to install and how to create maximum efficiency. If the house does not have a sump pit, you will need the plumber to dig one and properly configure it for the installation of the pump.
The steps to install a sump pump are as follows:
Find the lowest point where water is most likely to collect.
Dig through the foundation of the basement and place the pump in place.
If necessary run an electrical connection nearby to plug the pump in.
Battery backup pump is recommended by insurance companies in case of a power outage.

4 Benefits Of A Basement Sump Pump

1. Flood Protection and Prevention

After flooding, it is common for water to pool in the basement and other areas of the home. When this happens, the cleanup process takes a lot of time, money, and energy. To make matters worse, if the water level reaches valuable appliances, you are forced to replace these, increasing the damage mitigation costs. However, when you have a sump pump, minor to mildly severe flooding in the basement can be managed without the need of flood protection management and restoration experts, therefore saving you repair costs and protecting both your valuables and your house.

2. Keeping Mold at Bay

Mold and mildew are a very common problem in most people’s basements. When you install a sump pit and pump, you manage all the excess moisture in the hidden spaces. This reduces the possibility of mold growth. As a result, your home will be clear from mold, and the possibility of developing health problems that are associated with mold and mildew will be greatly reduced.

3. Preserving Electrical Equipment

The basement will have its own share of electrical equipment. If flood water is not controlled, you will have to deal with problems such as short-circuiting electrical equipment constantly. When you have a sump pump, you are assured that appliances such as your laundry machine, water heater and other heating systems will be protected from electrical short-circuiting.

4. Raising the Value of your Property

There are several ways in which sump pump installation raises the value of your property and save you money. First, when the insurer notes that you have taken all the measures needed to protect the house from flood damage, and that the basement is secure from moisture damage, they will lower the cost of your insurance premium. Similarly, when home appraisers see that the home is somehow secure from basement flooding and water damage, they will give some positive points in their valuation report because a structurally sound home which has a low mildew risk is more desirable to buy.

Before Installing a Sump Pump

The benefits of digging a sump pit and installing a sump pump are therefore countless. However, before you make the installation, there are certain points that you should consider:

  • Understand the location of your sewer server line because this is where the water from the basement will drain into.
  • Understand the location of the homes main water line because you might end up puncturing the main piping. You could also compromise the quality of the water getting into the home depending on the position of the pit that you install in relation to the water supply.
  • Understand the thickness of the concrete and the gravel beneath it before starting the digging process.
  • Get a sump pump that has a backup battery so it can function when there is a power outage, which happens a lot when it floods.
  • Get an expert who can do sump pump repair and maintenance when needed.

These are all considerations that can be put into perspective by a quality and reliable plumber. Contact us for the best assessment and sump pump installation rates.

The City of Vaughan Will Help Pay for Your Sump Pump

To protect Vaughan’s homeowners, the City is offering owners of single-family, duplex and triplex residential homes a financial subsidy of up to $3,400 per property to install flood protection devices including:

  • A backwater valve
  • A sump pump
  • Pipe severance and capping of the home’s storm or external weeping tile connection

As a certified contractor, we qualify for this program. We can help you protect your home with a sump pump, while showing you how to get the work subsidized.

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