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Why Do You Need Plumbers Who Specialize in Commercial Buildings?

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It’s tempting to think that there is little difference between residential and commercial plumbers. After all, they do the same kind of work — fix pipes and leaks, right? If a plumber is able to fix and stops leaks in residential buildings, why would he not perform the same tasks in a commercial building? Well, things aren’t as simple as they may sound. Here are the two main differences between residential and commercial plumbers:


The pipes used in commercial buildings are high-grade pipes and require quality fixtures. They are heavy duty material with a longer lifespan than those used in a household.

In a residential building, the piping system is simple and straightforward. In other words, the piping system is easy to map out just by looking through the skeleton of the building.

But plumbers who specialize in commercial buildings need to understand the complexity of the architecture before they even start repairing a leak or a burst pipe.

If you get an inexperienced plumber to work on your commercial building, not only will you get a short-term fix, but you will also incur loss in revenues. Why? Because you will soon have to hire a Toronto commercial plumber to re-do the job. Plus, there are certain commercial building plumbing codes and standards that workers have to abide by. If not, you run the risk of paying hefty fines.

Usage demand

A commercial building serves a lot more people than a household. In a commercial building, lots of people count on plumbing. Just imagine this scenario: a burst pipe sends all the mall workers at home. Can you even begin to realize the revenue loss this entails? The same goes for office buildings or medical practices.

Even more, when a lot of people use the plumbing system, the wear and tear are also much higher than in a household. Yes, your commercial building may be endowed with high-end pipes and fixtures, but they, too, have a limited lifespan.

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