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Garage Floor Drain vs Catch Basin System

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Many homeowners install a garage floor catch basin or drain to facilitate the maintenance of the area. While both systems serve the same purpose, they have several notable differences.
In this article, we’ll tell you how a garage floor drain catch basin system differs from traditional garage floor drains.

What's the Difference Between a Garage Floor Catch Basin and Drain?

Toronto residents often face extreme weather, including snow, rain, high winds, and tornadoes. As a result, they may be forced to do their car repairs and other chores in the garage. Cleaning the garage afterward would be a lot harder without a catch basin or drain.
Let’s delve deep into the differences between these two systems.

Garage Floor Catch Basin

Garage catch basins are a great way to manage water discharging from your car and ensure no dirty water reaches the driveway. They can come in various shapes, but square-shaped models are the most popular. They’re made of concrete and feature a metal lid with perforations that enable water to run away from your driveway.
Over time, this garage floor drain pit accumulates a large amount of sediment, which is why regular cleaning is necessary. To avoid doing the work on your own, reach out to MT Drains & Plumbing. We offer residential and commercial catch basin cleaning services to ensure your catch basin remains fully functional.
Before installing your catch basin, your contractor will undertake a lot of pre-planning. They’ll need to determine where to run the pipes and the ideal pitch of your concrete floor. Furthermore, they may also need to mount a special filtration device to control oil drips if you repair your car in the garage. The housing authorities should be able to inform you about this requirement.
Homeowners without a garage floor catch basin often have a slanting floor to their driveway. This prevents water from collecting in the garage. Instead, it drains harmlessly outside.

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Garage Floor Drain

Garage floor drains closely resemble catch basins. The only major difference is the design.
In most cases, floor drains are round holes that look like your shower drain hole. However, they’re usually a bit larger. They’re also covered with a round metal grate, and the floor is sloped to allow water to flow toward them from all directions.
You can also find trench drains. This type features a shallow trench and long metal grate that spans the width of your garage and sits outside the door. To function correctly, your garage floor and driveway need to slope toward your drain. Furthermore, the drain itself needs to be sloped from one edge to the other.
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Regardless of the type, your garage floor drain must come with an outlet. It directs water to an appropriate discharge location away from your garage and house. In some cases, the drain is linked to the sewer. In other cases, it leads to a nearby curb, enabling water to enter storm drain systems.
If your garage drain is clogged, MT Drains & Plumbing experts can use a snake to remove the blockage.
While garage drains go a long way to preventing pooling water on the floor, you should never use them for removing hazardous waste. Some of the substances you should avoid putting down the drain include oil, dirty gasoline, and paint. Rather, take them to an appropriate disposal center.
If your garage doesn’t have a floor drain, the simplest kind to mount retroactively is a trench drain outside your garage door. Nevertheless, retroactive installation is still a demanding job. You need to cut out a section of concrete where you’ll place the drain. You also need to do some digging when connecting the drain to an appropriate outlet point.

To avoid the hassle, reach out to MT Drains & Plumbing. Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial application, our technicians have got your back. We can install a high-quality garage floor drain quickly and efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of Garage Floor Catch Basins and Floor Drains?

Having a garage floor drain pit is highly beneficial. Whether you opt for a catch basin or standard drain, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour. Here’s why:

Preventing Excess Water Accumulation

Garage floor drains or catch basins are a must-have if your garage is sloped, and the nearby road collects a lot of water. They drain the excess rainwater into a sewage system so that it doesn’t deposit onto the garage floor.

Minimal Risk of Pooling

Pooling water in your garage causes several problems. It impedes garage maintenance and increases the risk of contracting an illness. Standing water is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitos.
To address these concerns, install a garage floor drain catch basin system. It enables water to flow freely instead of pooling on your garage floor.

Saving You Money

Excessive rainfall and pooling water can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your property. It can enter porous concrete and freeze, leading to numerous cracks.
While installing a floor drain or catch basin can be expensive, it’s much cheaper than addressing the aftermath of water damage. Hence, if your area is prone to flooding or has an overflowing problem, don’t wait until the last moment to install your drain system. Contact MT Drains & Plumbing to prevent these issues.

Reach Out to the Experts for Your Garage Floor Drain Catch Basin System

Keeping your garage clean and fully functional is tricky without a high-quality garage floor drain pit. It increases the risk of cracks in your concrete slabs, especially if your region is prone to freezing weather.
To avoid this scenario, contact MT Drains & Plumbing. Whether you need residential or commercial drain and catch basin installation services, our seasoned technicians will be able to help. They’ll assess your garage, determine the ideal placement, and mount your new floor drain pit while following all local guidelines. You’ll get a fully operational drain or catch basin to simplify your garage maintenance.

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