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How to Stop Water from Pooling Near Your Foundation

water pooling near foundation

How to stop water from pooling near your foundation? If you’re facing water accumulation near your home’s foundation in Toronto, you might be worried about structural damage

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the issues that can result from a water damaged foundation. We also discuss the causes of water pooling near your foundation, and how to drain the water away from your home’s foundation effectively.

Can Water Damage Concrete Foundation?

If you have a concrete foundation, water pooling results in severe damage and numerous problems for your home’s structure.
Your property’s foundation is its core—a weak or crumbling foundation leads to wall cracks, uneven floors, and a host of other problems. It damages the structure of your home and has the ability to damage the value of your property.
downspout causing cracks in cement near foundation

Is Your Home Suffering From Foundation Damage?

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Causes of Water Pooling Near Foundation

house with landscaping done sloping water away from foundation

Landscaping Errors

If your property’s landscape isn’t well-designed, it might be encouraging unwanted water accumulation near your home. It is one of the primary causes of water pooling near a foundation.
Different hills and elevation levels cause a downstream flow directed toward your home. If you’ve recently had landscaping work done, and you now notice water pooling next to your foundation, it might be the result of your new property design, for example.

Poor Drainage

Another common cause of water pooling is a poor drainage system. If water is unable to drain from your home effectively, it will only take a small amount of rain to cause considerable pooling. It might be the result of a blockage or other obstruction that is causing the drainage system to malfunction.
A blocked drainage system is one of the easiest pooling problems to fix, however. A professional inspection can quickly identify blockages or find areas that needs to be improved.

Downspout Issues

If you have downspouts attached to your home that don’t dissipate water correctly, you may find water collecting near your foundation and damaging your home’s structure. It is often the result of downspouts that are too short for your home’s external design.
Short downspouts won’t push water away from your home. Instead, it contributes to the poor drainage issue that you’re already experiencing.
downspout near foundation causing cracks in the concrete
To resolve downspout issues you can consider adding an extension to your downspout or you can look into adding a catch basin to divert water away from your home’s foundation.
rain water pooling around homes foundation

How to Drain Water Away From Your House Foundation Effectively

Regardless of the cause of your water pooling, effective repairs are essential. As soon as you notice that water is pooling around your home, enact steps to solve the problem and prevent further structural damage to your property.

Step 1: Water Around Foundation of House - Diagnose the Issue

The first step in fixing a water pooling problem is identifying the primary cause.
You should begin by checking the grading of the land surrounding your home. If it is not sloping away from your home, your landscape design might be the primary cause of your water pooling problem.
If your landscape isn’t the cause, check that your drainage system isn’t clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris. If your drainage system is obstructed, it might be resulting in water build-up.
Lastly, check your downspouts to determine if they are far enough away from your home to prevent water from building up near your foundations.

Step 2: Make Immediate Changes or Repairs

The appropriate repairs will depend on the problem. Here are some options that you may discuss with one of our experienced professionals:

Fix Downspouts

Make sure that your downspouts aren’t too short. The spouts should be emptying at least ten feet from your foundation so that you can reduce the risk of water pooling near your home.

Clear Gutters and Drainage

If you have found that your gutters or drainage systems are clogged, it’s important to clear them as quickly as possible. It is often a quick fix that won’t require any extensive experience or professional assistance if the pipes are easily accessible. Remove any debris or waste from your drainage system and watch as the flow returns to normal.

Adjust Grading

If your grading is the root cause of the issue, it might be time to transform your landscape. If you don’t have extensive landscaping experience, it can be a complex job that requires the expertise of a professional.

Step 3: Contact Professionals

If you’re unable to stop water from pooling near your foundation effectively, it may be time to contact a professional for assistance. Our drainage specialists, landscapers, and foundation repair services will be able to help you source the assistance you need to avoid water collecting near your property.

Water Around Foundation: Consider a Foundation Inspection

If you believe that water has been pooling near your foundation for an extended period, it might be worth contacting one of our foundation experts for an inspection. Checking your foundation for damage can help you spot problems before they turn into major issues, and it may end up saving you thousands of dollars.

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