3 Tell-Tale Signs – Do You Need a Drain Snaking? (Tips that work)

sewer snaking

Drains are something that we take for granted. They take care of collecting all the waste from our homes, but we rarely spare a thought for their well-being. Until something bad happens and they need repairs, of course.

One of the most common interventions is drain-snaking. Here’s how you can tell that you need one:

1. The Drain Is Slower than Usual

Clogs never form out of the sudden. They happen in a time when the pipe collects more and more dirt. In time, the dirt accumulates within the pipe, allowing less and less water to pass through.

If you notice that your drain is getting slower every day, don’t wait until NO water flows through it anymore. Schedule your drain snaking in Toronto immediately.

2. The Drain Smells Badly

Bad smells typically occur in the kitchen and are the result of waste that obstructs the drain pipe. The reason why this happens in the kitchen most commonly is that fact that this is the place where the drain pipe has to deal with oils and fats. In time, they congeal; they stick to the walls of the drain pipe and obstruct it.

If you notice bad smells in the kitchen, a drain snaking followed by a thorough drain cleaning can help you get rid of them. Plus, this type of intervention will also improve the speed of your drain.

3.The Drain Is Clogged

This sign is pretty hard to miss as it implies that you can no longer use the appliance it serves. Clogged drains are also the result of dirt build-up in the pipe. There are many reasons why drain can be clogged, from a foreign object, stuck in the drainage system or a cracked or broke drain pipe caused by an old tree. In some cases when an old tree removal occurs some roots might damage the drainage pipes.

If the clogging isn’t too serious, it can be solved with a drain snaking. Otherwise, you may need a stronger solution that your local Toronto plumber can recommend after diagnosing the problem.

Should You Take Care of Drain Snaking on Your Own?

Drain snaking isn’t very complicated, so you might be tempted to believe there’s no reason to pay a professional for it. However, if you don’t have any plumbing experience, you may end up tearing up your pipes. Even more, the three signs above can also hide bigger problems.If you need help with drain snaking in Toronto, give us a call. We can help you with any plumbing problems quickly and reliably.
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