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Drain Repair at Toyota Richmond Hill

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Drain Repair and Rerouting in Toyota Dealership

The Need for Immediate Drain Repair

Our recent project at Toyota Richmond Hill required urgent attention due to severe drainage issues. The existing drain was significantly damaged, disrupting operations at the facility.

Initial Assessment and Preparation

Our team began with a thorough scanning of the concrete to identify the precise location and extent of the damage. Once pinpointed, we carefully cut and removed the affected concrete sections, disposing of the debris to prepare for excavation.

Excavation and Challenges

Excavation kicked off with a full array of tools—shovels for manual work and a vactruck and power flush system for efficiency. During the excavation, we encountered the main culprit: a piece of the pipe that was completely broken and filled with gravel, indicating severe blockage and damage.

Strategic Decision and Rerouting

Given the complexity and depth of the damage, we opted against a deeper excavation which would have required digging down 15 feet. Instead, we rerouted the pipe through the wall to connect it in the basement, a decision that not only saved time but also reduced the project’s complexity and potential for further disruption.

Installation of New Drainage

The project advanced with coring through the wall to install a new 6-inch sewer line. This step was critical as it involved careful alignment and connection to ensure a seamless flow and avoid future issues.

Finalization and Restoration

Once the connections were securely made, we focused on restoring the site. The holes were backfilled, and heating lines reconnected. The area was then prepped for the pouring of new concrete, returning the site to its original condition, ready for use.


This extensive drain repair at Toyota Richmond Hill showcases our team’s ability to handle complex plumbing issues with strategic foresight and technical expertise. By choosing to reroute the drain instead of pursuing deeper excavation, we minimized disruption and ensured a more durable solution to the facility’s plumbing challenges.

May 10, 2024

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MT Drains & Plumbing expertly handled our recurring drainage issues at our dealership, quickly rerouting the pipe to prevent future problems. Their professional, efficient solution saved us both time and costs.
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