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Exterior Waterproofing Done Underneath Side Door in Mississauga

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Exterior Waterproofing Done Underneath Side Door

Exterior waterproofing is a crucial leak preventative measure. Unlike interior projects that address water that’s already inside a house, exterior waterproofing keeps water from entering your home in the first place.

MT Drains and Plumbing experts have recently completed an exterior waterproofing job in a residential property in Mississauga. Here’s a quick overview of what we performed and why.

The Need

A family in Mississauga was concerned about water accumulating in the soil surrounding their house. They thought it would seep through porous parts of their basement walls or cracks and lead to various moisture problems.

They hired MT Drains and Plumbing to solve this peculiar problem, which had to be addressed quickly. If left unchecked, moist soil can expand rapidly and drain poorly. Further swelling would create pressure on the home’s foundation and force water through tiny openings.

The family understood that preventing water leaks is usually easier than fixing them. Plus, it would help safeguard against considerable structural damage.

The Solution

Upon examining the property, our professionals decided to waterproof the foundation to stave off leaks. This was an effective solution because it directed water away from the foundation and into an exterior drainage system. Our team also used gravel to relieve any hydrostatic pressure that could build up around the house.

The family was thrilled that all the work was performed outside. There was no disturbance or damage to the house interiors, keeping their finished basement intact.

The residents didn’t mind that the process took slightly longer than interior waterproofing, as they realized this solution dramatically lowered the chances of structural damage and mould formation.

About the Service

This service consisted of several critical steps. We first dug out the soil around the basement walls and applied a moisture barrier. Then, we mounted a specifically designed dimple board to deflect water away from walls.

This approach prevented water from seeping in at the source and made the property virtually impervious to leaks.

Here’s a brief overview of all the components used for this exterior waterproofing project:

  • Dimple board and moisture barrier to lead water to the drainage system
  • Moisture membrane to eliminate the risk of groundwater seepage
  • 3/4-inch washed gravel to replace the dirt, reduce water pressure, and provide unobstructed passage to the drainage system
  • Footer drain to safely discharge any water away from the home’s foundation

Why Choose Us for the Job

If you want the same results in your house, contact MT Drains and Plumbing. Our trained contractors are licensed and insured, offering you peace of mind. Plus, we back all our work with a lifetime warranty.

January 4, 2022

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Customer Testimonial

MT Drains did a great job waterproofing our house. They explained the process beforehand and provided daily updates on their progress. The project was finished quickly, and we can finally sleep well at night knowing our home is well-protected from leaks.
Tom B
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