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Exterior Waterproofing and Storm Drain

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Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Barrie

Waterproofing the home exterior is essential in keeping water and moisture away from the yard and the house. Here’s an example of how MT Drains can help.

The Need

The client was experiencing driveway and basement water buildup, especially following heavy snow and rainfall. Not long after the rain, there would be water everywhere in the yard. Inevitably, this made its way to the basement, causing significant interior leakage at times.

The client called MT Drains to waterproof their home exterior and help get rid of the stormwater buildup. After a thorough property assessment, we found that they needed a stormwater basin and a couple of solid window wells to keep the water from getting in.

The Solution

We installed two window wells in the basement and one stormwater basin.

For the window wells, we dug a hole next to the basement, installed a drain, and placed the window wells inside. Once we secured everything, we filled it with gravel.

As for the storm basin, we picked the best location, created the trenches, and laid the pipes. We connected them to the pipe system, installed the basin, and connected all the elements. Finally, we tested everything out and back-filled the trenches with gravel.

About the Service

Our team of waterproofing experts is fully trained to perform any project that involves installing or maintaining drainage and sewage system elements.

Installing stormwater basins and waterproofing a home and its exterior requires knowledge and plenty of experience with the type of work. Installing storm drains, sump pumps, window wells, or French drains is only a part of what we do. Just tell us about your issue, and we’ll come up with a solution.

Why Choose Us for the Job

We have over 20 years of experience serving the community with waterproofing services.

Our stormwater basin installation technology adheres to all the latest standards. When combined with our reliable and long-lasting window wells system, there’s no better waterproofing solution for your home.

MT Drains employs expert waterproofing technicians that can handle any project with ease.

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Customer Testimonial

MT Drains did a fantastic job waterproofing our home exterior. We no longer have basement leaking issues following the rain. Plus, their customer service is the best!
Sarah P.
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