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Interior Drain Repair in Mississauga

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drain repair and backwater valve installation

The key to protecting Mississauga homes from flood damage is internal draining. Sump pumps are important, but interior drains are the ones that direct water to sump pits and eject it outside. Problems arise when the system malfunctions.

The Need

This client’s interior drainage system was blocked. As a result, the basement walls started cracking, and the floor curved. They needed a solution as soon as possible.

The Solution

Upon examining the system, our technicians determined the culprit – improper check valves. The units were beyond repair, so we recommended replacing the valves.

About the Service

MT Drains specialists removed the faulty check valves and had to replace them with new units. They opted for open-port backwater valves to give the owner reliable protection for years to come. These devices allow the system to release gasses that could lead to dangerous pressure levels in the line otherwise. They also have simple maintenance requirements.

Why Choose Us for the Job

If you have interior drainage issues, you can’t go wrong with calling MT Drains & Plumbing for help. With years of experience, we always find a way to diagnose and fix the problem effectively.

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Customer Testimonial

“I couldn’t be happier with the MT Drains team. They were professional from the start and answered all my questions clearly. The new valves look great!”
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