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Interior Waterproofing in Midtown

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Interior Waterproofing and Weeping Tile Installation

Recently, we provided interior waterproofing in midtown Toronto, and we’re really proud of the results. Here are a few details about the job and the client’s testimonial.

The Need

Water intrusion symptoms were obvious in our client’s midtown Toronto house. The moment we stepped in, we noticed high humidity levels and water pooling on the ground. Naturally, we immediately started devising a strategy.

The Solution

Our first task was to locate potential wall, floor, and ceiling cracks, and check whether the basement windows were in good condition. The solution also entailed using hydraulic cement to cover the cracks and prevent leakage.

About the Service

This interior waterproofing in midtown Toronto project was straightforward but required attention to detail. After applying hydraulic cement, we installed a waterproofing membrane which effectively prevents outside water from entering the basement. Upon completion, we installed a drainage mat that creates air pockets between the foundation and water. Finally, we installed a French drain – a durable drainage solution.

Why Choose Us for the Job

Interior waterproofing requires precision, patience, and extensive experience, all of which the MT Drains & Plumbing team offers to clients. Our main goal is to increase the comfort and safety of our customers.

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Customer Testimonial

“I am really impressed with the work the guys from MT Drains & Plumbing did! I no longer worry about basement floods, structural damage, or all the humidity that was spreading through the house."
Jason R
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