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Water Service upgrade in Acton

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water service upgrade in Acton

Many Acton homeowners upgrade their water systems to improve pressure and stay compliant with regulations. This client wanted to do the same, so they reached out to MT Drains & Plumbing.

The Need

The homeowner requested a trenchless water upgrade, but it couldn’t be done due to unfavourable ground conditions. We looked for an alternative that would meet their needs just as effectively.

The Solution

As trenchless installations weren’t an option, our technicians recommended trenching. It’s more invasive, but a proper installation provides the owner with a highly reliable system.

About the Service

Our specialists used state-of-the-art tools to dig the ground and reach the original water lines. They removed them and installed brand-new units. We also mounted a new water meter to ensure the household adheres to the local guidelines. Best of all, the client now had optimal pressure, and the risk of leaks was practically non-existent.

Why Choose Us for the Job

We’re the go-to team for trench-based water system upgrades in Acton and beyond. We dig carefully to prevent unnecessary damage and return the site to its former condition once we’re done.

July 4, 2022

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Customer Testimonial

“I was concerned about the state of my water system, so I wanted to upgrade it. I contacted MT Drains, and they were awesome. There was minimal digging, and the new line works amazing!”
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