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What to Look For in a Waterproofing Contractor in Richmond Hill

Many homeowners will experience water infiltration in their properties. This is commonly due to old and worn-out waterproofing and water-resistant insulation. However, owners can rarely fix these issues with a DIY project, and typically turn to waterproofing contractors for assistance. But what can homeowners expect from contractors in Richmond Hill? Read this post to find out more.

What Do Waterproofing Contractors Do?

Waterproofing contractors are a homeowner’s first line of defence against water infiltration. The most common symptoms of water inside the house include the presence of moisture, mold, humidity, or leaks in the basement or any levels below ground. Normally, the waterproof membranes around the basement work to counteract the hydrostatic pressure and keep water outside the house. Unfortunately, these membranes are not perfect and can crack and wear out over time.
Waterproofing contractors have professional tools and insurance to do the job correctly and be protected against any accidents. Since this is mostly construction work or adjacent to it, it can be dangerous for inexperienced people and owners are discouraged from trying to handle these problems without any help. Waterproofing contractors will get the job done much quicker and more efficiently.


You need a reliable, trustworthy contractor who will get the job done. Some businesses prefer to disappoint their clients and deliver subpar (or nonexistent) services. The best way to avoid these issues is to get acquainted with the basics of the task, like some basement terminology and common issues. If a contractor sounds like they’re overselling a problem, or suggesting services that are completely unnecessary, you should be able to notice it relatively quickly. Additionally, contact a few waterproofing contractors in the area to get an estimate. If you notice a contractor whose prices are far above anyone else’s, steer away.
Another way to find a reliable contractor is to pore over any proposed contracts and agreements. The details in the fine print are essential, and serve to protect both parties from wrongdoings or accidents. A vague contract is usually a red flag and should be avoided at all costs.

Expertise and Experience

An experienced contractor might cost a bit more than others, but the advantages are often worth the price tag. Ideally, look for waterproofing contractors who have already done plenty of projects similar to your own, since they are likely to be acquainted with overcoming any challenges. While some signs of water damage can be obvious, others are more minute and require careful inspection. An experienced contractor knows where to look and how to uncover any underlying issues. Solving them can save you more time and money than you might think. If these issues are not fixed during a regular waterproofing service, they might cause future water infiltration and effectively undo the entire project.

Offering a Wide Range of Waterproofing Services

MT Drains and Plumbing is one of Richmond Hill’s most popular and reliable waterproofing contractors. We provide a wide array of waterproofing services. This is doubly important since our experience allows us to inspect the basements and lower floors efficiently and spot any hidden problems.
One of the most important aspects of waterproofing services is to ensure all issues are addressed and that future water infiltration is prevented for as long as possible. This is why we dedicate a lot of time and effort to gauge exactly what the client needs and how to provide the best service.
While most jobs boil down to repairing leaky basements, the underlying problems can be complicated. Repairing cracks and leaks in the basement might only solve the symptoms rather than the cause. A complete basement waterproofing requires a substantial inspection to ascertain where the issue lies and how to approach it.
Additionally, our waterproofing contractors provide sump pump and French drain installations, as well as weeping tile and window well installations. With the many services that we offer, you can be sure to get a tailored solution for the problematic areas.
Most owners don’t realize where the problem is coming from and only see its aftereffects. Determining what led to the issue and how to solve it is our specialty, and we provide an extensive list of services and estimates that are required to fix the problem. We focus on giving the client exactly what they need, and don’t oversell other services to bump up the price tag. We know how important a healthy budget is for household repairs, and are always willing to work with clients to ensure the best results.

Contacting Waterproofing Contractors

If you have any issues with a leaky basement, moisture in the subterranean levels of the house, or problems with improper drainage, contact MT Drains and Plumbing for waterproofing help in Richmond hill. Our top priority is to provide a tailored service to fix all issues and offer a long-lasting result.

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