Water Line Repair

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Water Line Repair

Older plumbing is often made of galvanized pipes. As it ages, it can add pollutants to the same water you drink, cook with and bathe in. Your family’s health demands that you make sure your pipes are clean and safe. Old galvanized pipes also will give you less water pressure than today’s modern piping is capable of.

Water Line Replacement and Installation

Home ownership is a beautiful thing — until it isn’t. No Toronto homeowner likes to think about the myriad problems that could be bubbling just under their home’s surface, but some things must be dealt with. When it comes to issues with water lines, it’s better to deal with these now than to face the consequences later. If you’re facing issues with your home’s main water pipe, you’re probably getting pictures in your mind’s eye of many dollars floating out of your wallet right down the proverbial drain. However, water line installation and water line replacement cost may surprise you, particularly since waiting to have the repairs done likely will cost more. Most importantly, the many benefits of replacing a main water pipe, or a new installation, may help you realize that such repairs are beneficial for your budget, your home, and your family.
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Benefits of main water line replacement

Because the disadvantages of a faulty main water pipe to your home are many, so too are the benefits of water line replacement. If you own an older home, you likely have galvanized pipes, which can contaminate your water with corrosive elements. If that happens, your family’s health can be compromised by polluted drinking water, and you wouldn’t want to bathe or cook with that water either.

Another factor in deciding whether to replace a main water pipe can be low water pressure. Low water pressure is evident when you turn on a faucet or when you’re taking a shower. Corrosion in those older pipes can decrease water pressure, causing low water flow to your home. Low water pressure also can impede performance of your sprinkler system, costing you more money to run it because of the need for additional valve circuits. The increased water flow that occurs from a new water line installation will save you money, and it will give your family healthier water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and all the other wonderful uses for pure water.

Custom home construction project main water line installation

If you’re doing a custom home construction project, main water line installation or water line replacement likely will be a part of it. You’ll want to know ahead of time the costs associated with installing a new main water pipe or replacing an old one. Do your homework on water line replacement cost so you can factor these costs into the budget. You may need additional permits, especially if installing a new water pipe means digging further than expected. Contact the city to make sure you’re covered; they can also answer your questions about what’s underneath your property that you’ll need to go around or avoid altogether.

Cost of replacing main water line

The costs associated with replacing a main water line may not be as daunting as you think. Of course, as with any home improvement project, your property will be an important factor in determining those costs.

One of the first things a team of professional plumbers will determine is the specific setup of your property’s water lines. Factors they’ll be looking for include where the problem in the pipes lies, and if the issue occurs on your section of the line or on the city’s section. (If on the city’s section, you may have a case to have them pay for a new water line installation.)

Water line replacement cost also will be determined by the layout of your property and the total footage of pipe needed. These also can be determined by a professional plumber. Another factor in cost will be the size of pipe used in your water line replacement. Other factors will include:
  • How far down is the water line? Naturally, the further down the digging needs to go, the higher the cost.
  • What part of the country do you live in? Your area’s climate will play a big role in determining which pipes need to be used.
  • Are there any obstructions? Trees and concrete are two of the main objects that can obstruct ease of access to a water main. They can also create a need for extra work to be performed, such as use of a jackhammer.

When calculating a water line replacement cost in Toronto and surrounding areas, current prices are $ per foot, so expect to pay between $ and $ for the entire job, factoring in the above components.

Improving water pressure

Now to the best part – improving water pressure to your home will make you, your family, and your wallet very happy! Are your showers twice as long because the water pressure’s so low? Multiply that by every member of your family, and every day every member of your family showers, and you’ve likely got heftier water bills due to that decreased water pressure. Is your sprinkler system’s performance less than adequate due to low water pressure? There’s another way you’ll save money with increased water pressure. Even factoring in water line replacement cost, the money you save on a daily basis can add up pretty quickly.

Thankfully, most Toronto homeowners will only need to embark on a water line replacement or water line installation once in a lifetime, and some will never have to deal with this issue at all. If you’re one of the lucky ones who must face water line installation or replacement costs, it’s important to do your homework. Now that you know what you’re facing isn’t as bad as you thought it could be, it might be time to pull the pin on water line installation or replacement, before that small problem you have now becomes overwhelming.

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